Standings of SPBLI regional?

Here’s the video of the autonomous modes which everyone thought looked cool. :yikes:

Bleh I just realized the font was messed up at the end and it goes from like really big to really small…I’ll fix it later though. :frowning:

:slight_smile: Thankyou to team 527. From TEAM R.I.C.E. 870. You guys put together a great alliance with us and 358 Hauppauge.

The finals were a true competition and the alliance was great. It was like a showdown at sundown the way the robots faced the opponents in auton.

Congrats to all teams competing at the regional as well. The teams were impressive and well versed in the FIRST experience. Lets all keep up the great work!

Team Leader
T. Kryl
Southold Robotics R.I.C.E. 870

Here is the video of the 3 finals matches:

Shows from start of autonomous to final score. (Edited it out replays and random announcer comments).

Will have the Quarter Finals, Semis and the rest of our qualifying matches whenever I get time to capture them. (Yes, we have video of every match we were in =P, thanks Steve).

I also have the 2.1 Mbps versions which i can distribute via CD to ppl whenever I burn them. :]

Team 870, it was completly our pleasure to be with your team! You guys had an amazing robot that just had some bad luck in qualifying. :slight_smile:

I think i was the most tense waiting for the second to last match when we won the first time, lost the second, and the third was too close to tell, but we won by 2 points!!, lol hope to see you guys at the nationals.

Waiting for the score for the final match to come up was probably the worst wait I have ever experienced. But thanks to team 527 and 870, the best alliancce partners, we were able to take home the final match.

Hope to see you all in Atlanta!

Freaky 3 X 3 square of SBPLI winning alliance team numbers that reads the same horizontally as it does vertically (originally pointed out by AIBob):

3 5 8
5 2 7
8 7 0

Soooo, I did a brute-force statistical analysis on this, and here are the results:

From a computer program that randomizes three 3-digit team numbers, eliminating any combinations with repeated team numbers:

Using 10,000,000 sample combinations, the computed probability of hitting three team numbers that could line up in any order to form the 3 X 3 square that reads the same horizontally as vertically was: 0.60086%. I’d give this an accuracy of roughly ± 0.02%. This is close enough to say it’s 6 out of 1,000.

Using the team list from SBPLI gives an absolute answer:
There are 40 teams, which can be combined into alliances of three in 9880 ways. Of these, only 3654 do not have a quadruple-digit team in them. (Double digits are okay;they get a leading zero.) Of the 3654, only 21 could be lined up into a 3 X 3 square that reads the same horizontally and vertically. (This is 0.575%, right as predicted.) They are:

028 028 028 028 287 352 352
270 271 287 287 871 527 527
806 810 870 871 711 270 271

352 353 353 353 358 **358** 358
566 527 545 545 500 **527** 527
263 371 352 358 806 **870** 871

358 527 533 545 545 545 884
570 271 352 417 496 496 871
806 711 329 570 564 566 417

The OVERALL probability of an alliance forming at random at SBPLI whose team numbers can be lined up into the 3 X 3 square thingy is 21/9880 or 0.21255%.

Conclusion: If you don’t believe in fate, then this matchup is merely a 1 time out of 470 or so coincidence. Factor in that our three seating sections were lined up immediately adjacent to each other (forming one massive cheering section) and that this year’s field layout is itself a 3 X 3 arrangement, and you could make a pretty convincing argument that this alliance was meant to be.


Whoa that’s crazy. :ahh:

Did any of you guys tape the awards ceremony? Specifically when we won the chairman’s award? I’d like to get a copy of it if possible. :slight_smile:

How do we find the other regional standings, scores and winners.
I am interested in them all, but specifically the Detroit Regional (this past weekend) and West Michigan Regional (which is next weekend).


You forgot that we are in numerically increasing order while in the 3x3 block, which is less likely:

028 028 028 028
270 271 287 287
806 810 870 871
358 **358** 358
500 **527** 527
806 **870** 871

Which is 8/9880 = 0.0008097 or 0.08% or 1/1235

You also forgot to mention that the two first teams have a third digit which is the sum of the first two digits (3+5=8, 5+2=7). The point is, there are an practically infinite number of interesting combinations, and while the odds of any one happening are small, the odds of any of them happening are quite large.

Wait, what about:

5+2+7 = 14
8+7+0 = 15
3+5+8 = 16

14+15+16=45 the score of our opponents in the one match we lost.

Must be kismet.

Now thats just thinking too far into it.

You can never think too far into anything, unless precious robotics time is on the line.

yeah, My team (271) got into the finals at the SPBLI regional, we did relatively well, wouldve been better if we had gotten first though. Great job on everyones part, we lost by like 2 points, but our team mate knocked into us, causing us to drop a tetra before we could cap and win the final match.
Anyways, great job and Il’l see you at nationals (yes, team 271 is going). We are the mechanical marauders and we are usually the spiritless*, arrogant, villainous, tough guy team who, although it is contradicting to our personalities, help all other teams as much as we possibly can. Yes, even the adults have to be reminded to wear safety goggles on our team, but we will let you use our machine shop trailer, or borrow a wrench, or help you carry heavy things.
If ever you meet someone who has a “Bad Boys from Bay Shore” shirt on, don’t be afraid to ask for anything, were here to act tough, and help.

*And when I mean spiritless, I mean that we don’t dance, or bring mascots, or go crazy with decorations, but we have a hell of a lot of pride in our robot and our team.

Anyways, great job to the teams who won, but watch out for 271 in the nationals!

Yea all that stuff about digits adding together and summing to scores I looked at and decided it was a bit of a stretch. If it was a magic square or something like that, then I think that would be proof that a higher power does exist.

As a great man once said “some things are better left alone”

I have pulled some video that I had just gotten. It is the Final match of the finals at the SBPLI Regional featuring teams 358, 527, and 870 and at the end of the the video where it shows the final results, the score is correct but FIRST didn’t put the correct team numbers up.
There is a low quality (4.5 meg) wmv and a high quality (30.5 meg) wmv. With the higher quality one you might be better off saving the target and then viewing it. If any teems are in need of the file at DV quality e-mail me at or IM me: Gusman1188
Low Quality
High Quality

Team 870 President

Yes, when watching you guys during the entire competition I noticed that you were capping a lot more than most other teams, and very consistently, my team will be looking out for you at Nationals.
Those final three matches were very exciting, we had great matches with you, team 270, and team 417.