Standings pretty out of whack

At the Bayou Regional there are a ton of non working and no-show robots. I would guess the average match after day 1 had 3.5 driving robots. This leads to a “ton” of X-0 final scores.

The way the standings work, if you score 0 points, the worst you can do is tie your opponent in the standings, unless they had any penalties in the match, in which case you get more standings points than them, by … losing the match.

A few tidbits:
If it is very likely you are going to lose the match, score goals for your opponent, it will help your standings (scoring on your own goal and losing will not help your standings).
If it is very likely you are going to win the match, score goals for your opponent, it will help your standings (just make sure you still have enough points after penalties to win).
If you are worried about your standings in relation to your opponent, score only in your opponents goals and you will at worst stay even with them in the standings, and at best (if they have penalties) you will move ahead.

Beginning to see a theme here?

If you haven’t guessed yet, I really don’t like this scoring system. I’m not a big fan of a game whose rules promotes intentionally tanking matches.

You’re allowed to not like the game. There are a lot of other situations in that category. It remains to be seen if this seeding system can promote GP and the newly manufactured “coopertition” concept.

There’s a lot of threads about the standings. We should try to keep all ideas in one of the previously existing threads rather than creating new ones.

Newly manufactured? Hardly. It has perhaps been given a fresh coat of paint, and tweaked a little, but the patent application for the Breakaway seeding algorithm was filed more than six years ago.

I saw and worked with teams at Bayou who were concerned with winning matches. I did not see any teams that became interested in tanking matches.
If anything most teams at Bayou played defense way too much in qualification attributing to high penalties and low scores. Hopefully in future weeks teams will learn to play the qualifications without much defense.

Consistent scoring robots at bayou were difficult to find.

The top four ranked teams, 1912, 1421, 2587 and 2078 were the best scorers in the competition. So the rankings did an excellent job of vaulting those teams to the top.

Why none of these four top teams paired up in eliminations still boggles my mind ! :stuck_out_tongue:

In several matches at Peachtree we scored in our opponents goal to raise our seeding score. We went up in rank every match that we did that, or lost. We went down in rank if we won and did not do that.

We actually considered throwing a match by getting our two alliance members to sit in our goals and then score as much as possible into our opponents, attempting to go 15+ to 0.

I don’t see how encouraging teams to take either of these actions promotes GP.