Stanley Cup playoffs

^ Just came back from Game #4 :smiley:

Go Red Wings! Just hope they don’t blow this series like last year.

Go Sabres!

3-0 score so far!

wings are blowin it…sup wit that

Gah, I agree with you totally Bill and the one aspect that Bettman, Campbell or whoever else (especially our lovable friend Don Cherry) is going to fall back on is the fact that its “play off time” but the respective series’ have been pretty ugly thus far, especially the Isles and May, 20 game suspension. Maybe they finally listened to you Bill :smiley: Western Finals, Ducks vs Sharks is going to be nuts! (Never thought Calgary would come back 2 games like that either)

On another note… GO RAPTORS

Wasn’t that suspension just for drug policy violation? The message sent could be even worse this way… It’s 1 game for attacking someone and 20 games for doing something to yourself…

Goooo Flames!

Oh yeah, my bad, it was for drug policy violations, though its weird that it just came in the midst of the playoffs.

Yeah, Sean Hill (Islanders) got the 20 games for a drug policy violation, but there was also the Brad May (Ducks) punch which netted just 3 games.

Gotta love that Scott Nichol spear tonight as well as Vokoun doing his best Patrick Roy impersonation (and I don’t mean the winning part). The Predators can’t even fight fair. 2-2 heading into the third, here’s hoping it gets closed out tonight.

Up late last night - good thing the Wings came through.

I wouldn’t have wanted them to come back and play another one, after the stupid schedule (what the heck was the league thinking? back to back games 3 time zones apart?), and 2 extra periods on top of it.

I hope that we get Dallas next, this Western conf. time zone thing is killing my sleep pattern.

I hope Vancouver wins tonight.

and Go Raptors Go

Go Rangers! Thrashers got swept.I think the islanders had the two longest suspensions of the season. Hill and Simon.

Go Wings… They are gona win!!!

I hope not :stuck_out_tongue:

My next round predictions:
San Jose in 6
Vancouver in 7
Sabres in 5
Devils in 6

We’ll see how that works out…

Buffalo in five
Ottawa in seven
San Jose in six
Vancouver in six

Sabres in 5 over Rangers
Ducks in 6 over Canucks
Devils in 6 over Senators
Wings in 7 over Sharks

Go Wings!

Buffalo in 4.:slight_smile:

Jesh, Sabres 3-0 vs Rangers. All goals scored within minutes in second period.

Never doubt King Henrik



Sabres win 5-2!