Stapler signed by Dean Kamen

Stapler sign by Dean being auctioned off by staples. All proceeds to benefit FIRST.

Wow, its up to $95. I wonder how much our 2002 robot signed by DK is worth.

makes you wonder what the extra registration money is going to if FIRST is that desperate to make a couple hundred bucks :smiley:

Darn, it’s not a red swingline stapler. :rolleyes:

If you look closer, there are 142 people who’s signatures are on staplers for a charity of their choice.

It could be that they approached Dean for this opportunity to raise money for his cause…

Which, I think is cool.

Funny, that was the first thought in my mind too…


When you think about it … this is a very fast and charitable way to get some money. And I’m all for it … specially when the profits benefit FIRST! :smiley:

It’s sort of ironic that this should come up because one of our team’s mentors is thinking of having an auction with profits benefiting our team. Items such as Bush Garden’s tickets, or a Bucs’ game tickets, or dinner reservations would be auctioned. Cool idea, huh? :slight_smile: