Star Trek Online Shutout?

I’ve been following Star Trek Online for almost a YEAR now. On their FAQ page, it has said something to the effect of “We are not accepting beta testing applications sometime in the summer of 2007. Check back for updates.”

Now the STO page is completely done over, and looks like CBS and Paramount are involved. It looks like no chance of public beta testing :mad:

Has anyone else noticed this?



Check out the preview I just found

the OP is asking about an MMO (Massive Multiplayer On-Line game) Similar to World of Warcraft, not the Movie coming out next year.

I heard something about the game during Blizzcon. No, it’s not a Blizzard game but you know how gamers talk. The old company was bought out/ went under and Crytic has bought the rights to the game.

According the theFAQ, there will be a public Alpha and Beta test. It just doesn’t say when.

The game has now been out for over 3 years and is also free to play for those who don’t want to pay monthly or a lifetime subscription.

I saw the 2007 in the OP and thought, “I thought this game came out years ago…”

Then I saw that the last post was in 2008 and it got bumped. Heh.