Star Trek!

This movie looks like its going to rock!
Watch trailer!

This will be the second movie I see in high school. I am a Trekkie already, so…

I am NOT a Trekkie (more of a BSG/Firefly fan) and I am thoroughly psyched to see this.

Skyler from Heros as Spock is awesome (Lenard Nemoy makes an appearance as well I hear).

I was excited about this until I read there is going to be a time travel component to this movie. Besides The Voyage Home, ST has not done well with the whole time travel thing. It seems to be the concept they pull out when they are out of real ideas. I’m holding judgment until I see it, but i will most likely wait in line for a midnight showing away. sigh I’m a sucker for Star Trek.

I dunno they haven’t really done that bad with time travel, and i defiantly think its their fall back for writers block.

As for this movie, I’m not sure about it yet, i think the whole cast was just wrong, they should have found no-names for the parts. I think it would work better. I’m also waiting to see if they even somewhat keep to star trek cannon. But I’m sure i will also go see it at midnight.

And the movie is the last appearance for Majel Barrett, as the computer’s voice. I’m sure you all know who she is.