Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker Theories


The trailer for Star Wars 9 just came out and it was amazing :open_mouth:

Here is the trailer if you have not seen it yet:

The laugh at the end is chilling… Could palpatine actually be alive still???

what does everyone else think???



If Palpatine was still alive that would be really weird because it would really undo the impact of the OT and Luke’s actions. I would find it interesting if he was some sort of force ghost guiding Kylo rather than still being alive.



That would be cool… However, I know that in previous canon from the Extended Universe and the OT and PT, sith could not become force ghosts… I do agree that it would seem pretty cheap to say that palpatine is still alive though. My guess would either that they further broke EU canon by making palpatine a force ghost (a red force ghosts to contrast the blue of jedi would be cool) or maybe somehow palpatine is a clone of somesort or another way to “cheat death” like he tried to teach anakin in the Prequels…???



Meh SW 4,5,6 Good
SW 1,2,3 Please garbage
SW 7,8,9 just products sucking on original retelling it



doesn’t mean that the movies can’t make money for disney and be good… And also, don’t tell me that the last jedi in any way was a retelling… The only reason people hate it so much is that it is too different from the rest…

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I thought that in order to make the new star wars movies they basically said the whole extended universe wasn’t cannon.



I’m pretty sure that some of the story archs that were unrelated from the new movies still stayed canon such as the early stories of the jedi?



(or at least they should still be canon imo) lol



My take on star wars:
4,5,6 good
1,2 hot garbage
3 okay. I personally liked it
7 retelling of 4
8 why does this film have to exist? It has no logical flow, a third of the movie is spent in a weird romance subplot which makes no sense, and it completely messes up the character of Luke.



Friendly reminder that this is a FIRST forum. Keep your OT vs PT vs NT debates GP. (Star Wars fandom is pretty toxic, don’t want that toxicity bleeding through to here)

That being said, I can’t wait for this movie to come out. And the trailer said something about the end of the saga. Is that just the NT saga? Star Wars saga as a whole? Are they done with new movies? Are they gonna add more prequel type stuff? What will happen to Star Wars???



Star wars land and 99 dollar lightsabers



I highly highly doubt they will not make another trilogy. This mainline Star Wars stuff just makes them way too much money for them to put it to the side. In the mean time they’ll probably stick to what they have been doing with the mainline releases and prequel stuff splattered around. I hope that for the next trilogy they decide to have a clear direction before going in and not have switching directors.

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Here is mine:

4,5,6: amazing
1: interesting ideas but badly made
2: pretty bad imo
3: the best of the prequels
7: similar to 4 but still well made cinematography wise and does introduce new ideas and characters to the SW universe that are interesting
8: They made some mistakes, such as messing up the story arch of luke and the ending where they fly the ship through the star destroyer also ruins all the space battles. However, if these scenes were good, it could have greatly improved the 8… I do think that the kylo ren quarrel between good and evil was an interesting idea in 8 and the idea of killing the big bad, snoke, in the second movie of the trilogy is something not seen before in star wars… So, SW8 could have been great, if not for the mistakes made with luke and the space battle at the end.

My hopes for 9:

  • I hope luke returns as a force ghost and continues to train rey
  • I hope luke’s story arch gets fixed and luke realizes that he made a mistake in not having hope for kylo to turn back to good.
  • I hope rey is not lukes daughter
  • i hope that snoke is explained better
  • i hope rey does not get together with kylo as i think hat kylo should be pulled back to the dark side by eithe palpatines force ghost or a clone version of the emporer.
  • i hope that “skywalker” in the rise of skywalker refers to kylo ren rising as a new emporer (since he is technically a skywalker)


The ORIGINAL premise was 9 stories… I thought it was a freaking brilliant move waiting until the main actors aged… then I saw 7 and 8 and bringing repeated dead people on screen … yuck

Very underwhelming indeed

I like rey new character and thats as far as I give kudos (everything else stinks)



For my hopes for 9 I don’t really have high hopes for how the movie will turn out but I do think they could set up a really interesting universe. I would like to see at some point a universe in which you have a bunch of different factions fighting for control and we follow the stories of different factions in each movie and at some point they all meet up and form an alliance/half of them meet up and form 1 alliance and the other half form another and they fight each other. I think that this type of story would be good for a character driven story and some interesting moral ambiguity on all sides of this conflict.

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I thought Kylo was pretty good and the special effects + music was pretty spot on. As for the story and the other characters I liked fin, snoke, and hux but episode 8 kinda ruined them.



They are making more movies:

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the creators of game of thrones, are going to make a new trilogy. Rumor has it that this set of movies will take place in the Old Republic, so completly unrelated from other the base star wars stories.

Also, Rian Johnson is making a whole other trilogy as well. We really know nothing about this trilogy as of yet. But we know that it will not involve the “skywalker saga” characters.

Finally there are a few more anthology films in the works including a Boba Fett Movie and an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie…

There is also going to be LOTS of content on Disney+ streaming service that will be canon

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btw my source is

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a dweeb, snoke who cares?



That would be cool… It also would be cool to see rey become a grey jedi, where she is neither jedi or sith and is in the middle. This could be because she has a connection to both luke and palpatine somehow maybe? who knows…

however it would be REALLY cool if she gets her own lightsaber and it is like grey or white like the grey jedi had in the EU…

or even if this is what kylo does (becomes neither sith or jedi, like Ahsoka Tano in the clone wars)