Star Wars .max files

I’m a big Star Wars fan here, and I want to do an animation with some Star Wars in it. Any of you know where I can find some Star Wars files for 3D Studio? I just want like starfighters, starships, etc. Thanks <—really good

One search with Google gave me one site that had these 3 sites. I bet if you took some time to actually look you’de find some better sites. :slight_smile: <—really good

Yeah, I’ve looked at that site too. It has really high quality models. I must’ve downloaded about 25 models, meshes and 5 animations from that site now. If you want a Star Destroyer, I suggest getting the 10MB one (Imperial Star Destroyer Deluxe). has quite a few things. I would sugest just going to yahoo or google and typing in starwars.3ds or x-wing.3ds ect… looking up .max will give you less results.

You can also try Turbosquid. It’s updated daily but lots of things you must pay to download. About one third of the files are free. The only thing though, if you want to download a file, you must first register, which doesn’t cost anything. There are some pretty good models there. Check it out.

Along with 3D Studio Max stuff, it also includes files for Poser, Light Wave, Gmax, Cinema 4D, Shockwave 3D, Softimage, and Maya.