Star Wars premiere?

Just wondering who’s going, who you’re going with, what you’re doing before, etc.

I’m going Friday night, at my favorite theatre in princeton with a bunch of buddies (all nerds of course). I really would like to goto the Midnight Show but, 1, i couldn’t get tickets and 2, I couldn’t find a ride.

i cant get in 'till tuesday the Flagship Cinemas near were i live is sold out…and i live in a town of only 7000 people!

Going to see it at midnight tomorrow night with a bunch of kids from my team

I won’t be able to see it this weekend, but if I am luck I will see it next weekend. Yep, I am going to have to live through 5 days of torture throughout the week with people asking, have you seen Star Wars III yet? :rolleyes:

GO 1403!!!

I have tickets to the 12:04am showing at the AMC Fenway in Boston on May 19th :smiley:

I’ve got 12:01 Thursday morning (about 1.83 hours from now) at Hoyts in Waterbury :smiley:


im going tonight at 9 with my friends but would have liked to go to midnight show but well what can you do.