Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Trailer

Was I the only one who had shivers run down my spine when we heard James Earl Jones’ voice? :wink:

“Lord Vader.”
“Yes master?”

[Dang] I hope this one doesn’t suck…

i cant wait to see this movie. also vaders voice sounds “younger” than ep4,5,6 . i also hope that this one dosent suck.

I saw the Star Wars III trailer when I went and saw The Incredibles.
Special effects look great. I just hope they have a good story line to go with them.
James Earl Jones is great as Darth Vader’s voice. I wonder how old he is :rolleyes:

Wayne Doenges

Whether or not this movie will be fun to watch or not it should tie up a few questions:

  • Why and when do Anakin and Padme procreate given their tension. Not to mention the fact that Anakin is going to the dark side.
  • What happens to Padme given the fact that she doesn’t appear in Episodes 4 to 6.
  • The separation of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leigh as siblings.
  • Why and how Anakin moves to the dark side.
  • Why Darth Vader requires a full time life support system.
  • Why do the clones turn into Imperial Storm Troopers

Agghhhh!!! I can’t wait. Good movie or not, we have so many questions we need answered. There’s really so much content to cover that this movie will have to be fast paced.

EDIT: My only gripe with the new Star Wars movies is there seems to be an inconsistency in the advancement of technology. The sophistication of technology appears lower in the Episodes 4-6 than in 1-2. Which goes against the normal behavior of technology advancing in chronological order. Maybe a piece of the plot? Who knows.

heh easy

  1. after they get married :wink:

  2. ummm she dies

  3. that isnt a question
    4)i think that is rather obvious, in episode 2, you see anakin visit the assumed future emperor, and he kind of eggs young anakin on, that and throughout the movie he acts with emotion and as we all know when it comes the the force, there is no emotion…only peace if you want an exact point of the begining of his decent watch Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

  4. well in the trailer the is a clip of obiwan and anakin fighting on a bridge of some sort and well guess who falls

  5. first the remaining clones become stormtroopers, the rest would be “loyal imperial citizens” second the Emperor commanded them to, he is in charge they do what he wants because thats what they were grown to do


It has been explained in interviews that the Old Republic is the “golden age” whereas the Empire is the “dark age”.

I guess things really went downhill in a few years…

Did I see a fireplane/spaceship pouring water onto a flaming bigger starship?


That’s what I saw too.

The coolest thing I noticed was during the capital ship battle scenes…
…they’re over coruscant. (Low altitude even).

I guess the war is coming to the galactic capital. Should be cool!

Here’s a little movie trivia for you all.

The original movie, “Return of the Jedi” was originally going to be called “Revenge of the Jedi”, but Lucas and the crew thought that the Jedi were too good of a people to use revenge, thus the name was changed to Return.

As for the Sith and the dark side, Revenge is not to dark a word for them, so I am glad to see that word in the title for the new Star Wars movie…

Episode III is going to be big. A lot of people have to die in the next movie for Episode IV to make any sense at all.

Darth Sidious = Emperor Palpatine

In the original Star Wars, I think they said Padme died giving birth. However, who knows if this is really true or maybe I’m just making it up :rolleyes:

Looks like a very promising movie.

don’t forget = Senator Palpatine
From hints dropped in the first 2 movies, I think that we are going to see Anikin return to Tatooine to get revenge on his old master (Wato?). Since Luke starts Episode IV on Tatooine, my guess is that Padme gives birth while they are there, leaving Luke with his aunt and uncle and taking Leia with her to be raised by Senator Organa on Alderon.

This is only a teaser, not a trailer.

Back in 01 there were three teasers before the main trailer came out in 02.

But the teaser looked good, and I can’t wait to see the last Star Wars movie in 05