Starcraft II Drone Rush Practice

I’ve been developing a new drone rush that can defeat even Terrans. It differs from other DRs from the fact that you send 3 drones early on to prevent wall-ins.

I play all 3, although I like Protoss the best, which will probably explain my addiction to cheese.


ever heard of the sewer mermaid

there’s a more advanced technnique but im to lazy to find the vid

One of our mentors would love this thread lol

I wanna say he streams Starcraft II

Sewer Mermaid is my Godess

Ohh I miss StarCraft II. What’s Sewer Mermiad?

Never played it competitively or followed the memes behind it.

Man, thats all you need to get into Gold league in Legacy of the Void? I need to get back into competitive.

I just started replaying the Wings of Liberty campaign now that SC2 is free. Good memories.

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