Who all here is relatively new to the game of Starcraft? I am terrible online, and need some people that are in my league to play with. My screename is dodge4186, and on AIM I’m Vidgamer1986. Feel free to say hi. I need a few wins, haha, so we can all ally against one or two computers.

Who would of thunk it? We both are rookies and both from Whiss. Wow.

talk to me. lol, what’s your AIM s/n?

ok i was thinking about starting a clan and it would be cool if we were all firsters. starcraft- Halo(Unknown) AIM- Halo The Unknown

Ok it is official clan unknown has been founded if you wish to join (there will be no try out for firsters) Jes responde and leave your aim/starcraft screen name or contact me through aim or on starcraft. Oh or contact MarkF

I don’t play Starcraft much but then again, I don’t have the game. At least if you guys need any strategies or tips, just ask. I do play other strategy games however such as Emperor - Battle For Dune, Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, Earth 2150, and The Moon Project.

Yeah, I’m more of an evaluator. I can watch a game and see the strengths and weaknesses of a particlar person’s strategies, but I can never use it to my advantage. I have yet to find a working strategy aside from making a ton of hydralisks. lol, that only works sometimes, though. That’s the advantage of NR15 or NR20 games…you have time to do that stuff.

I used to play starcraft a lot, but I don’t play very often anymore. Mainly when friends propose a game. :slight_smile:

Yeaaa… strategies that work really well for other people never work for me when I try them out. I prefer to use strategies that I develop by trial and error by myself. Protoss :smiley:

Being a toss/zerg player i absolotely hate rush limits I prefer to crush someone after the first 5 mins when they still have no units. hehe but that is just my style i am actually a quite good player but hackers like to have their way with me.

Tassadar Adun, Kristen. Care to join our little clan? Please? lol. By the way, you don’t look posessed in that pic…in fact, I think you’re cute. :slight_smile:

If you enjoy strategy games and intense graphics, I highly suggest getting Emperor - Battle For Dune.

Unlike other strategy games, in this game, you can choose to play as one of three great houses which each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

House Atreides infantry units, once promoted to the third level, can re-enter their barracks and from then on, you will be able to train level one veterans. If you send in 3 level 3 veterans, you will be able to train level 3 veterans at no extra charge. Their forces are also specialized in long range combat and have good speed when traveling.

House Harkonnen has superior forces but they are extremely slow. The Devastator, being the strongest unit the Harkonnen have, can destroy any other unit in the game by itself without being destroyed.

House Ordos has the fastest units and all of their forces can self repair except for infantry units. But, however, their tanks cannot run over enemy infantry.

There are also 5 subhouses you can ally with known as the Ix, Tielaxu, Sardukar, Fremen, and the Guild.

During missions, unlike the other games, you can choose which territory to attack. Each turn you have 4 choices to choose from.
Two territories of each of the opposite houses to yours. The unique thing about this game is that once you attack a territory, the computer chooses one of your territories to attack. You can choose to defend it or resign. There are also special missions here and there and during the non-special missions, depending on how many neighbouring territories you have, is the amount of reinforcements you’ll get during the game every interval. For example, say you have 3 territories next to your chosen territory to attack or defend, you will get 3 reinforcements every 1, 2, or 3 minutes. These are endless reinforcements but every time you recieve different units and different amounts of units depending on the strength of the unit.

I could ramble on the subject but I don’t really want to so you can go to westwood’s website to view more info.

I gotta go see if my nick is still active, (The_Renagade) On BW/USeast, (Yes, spelled wrong AND with the ( at the beginning)

dudes im like a pro on starcraft so if anyone needs some help just wisper me. my name on starcraft is 1)ark1)ragon
willing to help anyone and i play it like everyday:)

I play stacraft some, I’n not too bad either, I’m up for any games that you all want to play, My AIM name is Oreofetch. Email is

yupp, i do too…msn:

ps. i also play Lineage II :wink:

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Should they make another thread regarding starcraft so someone can shut that down and bring this one up…?


I just got back into playing starcraft since a 1+ year absence.

Redwingvksm is my SN…

Well, it’s one thing if the message was, “Hey, does anyone still play this game,” but the reviving poster responded as if the conversation were current and relevant. I was just giving a heads up.

Since this is in the public eye again, people are free to use it once more to find other players, of course. Please don’t start new threads because then, two years from now, someone will revive two threads about a game nobody plays instead of one :slight_smile:

If your computer worked we’d be playing :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to reinstall it, I didn’t even know still ran…and I have to get WarCraft III installed. How come they only made one StarCraft and three WarCrafts? I think StarCraft is better…

Actually theirs two StarCraft. One is the normal one and the other is Brood War. Nothing says i love you like a army of dark protos mind controlling your enemy! :smiley: