if any one watches stargate ataltis i think you migh be upset withe the season final i saw it a week early
i will tell you what happens tho
its good tho i think

mamby for next years game they will allow a naquda genrator for the power sorce



Stargate Atlantis has been a great series thus far. I’d doubt they can top the First Season’s season finale, because that was absolutly incredible… but I definitly think it’ll still be a pretty good finale. I guess I’ll see next week (since I don’t get to see it early unlike you :-p)

I work so it’s kind of hard to watch stargate but I watched the episode this week and it really annoyed me. They killed off my favorite character.:frowning: They killed off Atlantis’ version of Siler. I also liked the time travel episode involving the original stargate.

yea i guss i will ask my frind uf he has the season final of stargate he says he dose it is spose to be good