Hey does any one on here watch stargate sg-1 or stargate atlantis?

both ROCK! :smiley:

Absolutely… well, I did… I miss sg1archive with its free downloadable copies of all the SG1 episodes (I believe they stopped shortly after the DVDs started coming out), I did follow Atlantis too, for a while; but, uhm, not having any stations which carry it makes this difficult to keep up with.

you dont get SCIFI thats like blasphemy!!! :ahh:

I can talk hours and hours on end when it comes to Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. I’ve also become hooked to the new version of Battlestar Galactica. All 3 shows are produced movie-quality (especially BSG) and have probably the best storylines of any show I’ve seen. I’m not much of a sci-fi guy, but those 3 shows I’m addicted to, best shows on tv.

yeah Galactica is really something special.

Maybe it’s just me, but I liked the old Battlestar Gallactica better.

I own Stargate SG1 movie and 7 seasons. Yeah I love it. :smiley:

Forget Stargate. :wink: Battlestar and Firefly have been the best scifi in the last five years. Serenity comes out September 30th!

yeah im seriously looking forward to serenity but i can say ive watched firefly twice and both times it was the same episod. :frowning:

You have what I consider to be a very impressive and very cool collection of DVDs (if you’ve got 7 seasons of Stargate now, it looks like there’s some updating to be done for that list).

I like SG1, SGA, and BSG. I have the original stargate movie and seasons 1-7. when season 8 comes out, im going to get that also. I also need to get the first season of atlantis. I think that SG1 will be different without O’Neill. But Vala seems to add another type of humor to the show.

A couple things that I have never been able to figure out. They are:

  • In the Pilot Movie for season one. How Apohis(sp?) reopen the gate without a DHD. Do the Goa’ould have remote gate openers?
  • How did they receive an IDC in the earlier seasons without the gate being open?
  • In the current season is there a problem with the time line. They said that Teal’c had left the SCG “over a month ago”. Im pretty sure that the general in Atlantis that was attacked by the wraith said that they needed to hold out for about 4 days. In order to understand this completly, When did the message from atlantis arrive at the SGC, When was the ZPM found at the dig(at the end of Mobius Part 2)?

These are just some of the issues that i have thought of my mom says im over thinking it all.

i have the origional stargate movie in korean and it seems to only work on their dvd players too. :smiley:

I’m all about the stargate.

I’m sorry to see RDA gone from sg1. But, seeing Browder and Black together again is fun, although not like Farscape was. I hope that they give Valla a little more depth then just a compulsive liar. At least they add some much needed energy

Atlantis is surprisingly good. I contend that Atlantis has some of the most realistic ‘nerd speak’ on TV. And at least they have the budget for realistic looking aliens, instead of just saying all the Aliens are in Human host bodies.

And BSG is, naturally, the best show on TV.

-Andy A.

yes i new we were forgetting something! FARSCAPE its my favorite i have all the DVD’s and i love the episode with John going into comma (actually that happened quite a bit) and he was in a cartoon world where dargo tries to kill him. absolutely great! :smiley:

Hey, if you are an uberfan like me for Stargate, you should check out It’s awesome! They have an omnipedia, special articles, and news on the shows is posted almost daily!

I have a question: Who thinks that Daniel is the sci-fi equivalent of South Park’s Kenny?

Seriously…how many times do they have to kill him? He died, ascended, then came back. Then he died again, almost ascended, then came back. He died in one of the alternate realities. He died twice in two separate alternate timelines. Then there was also his robot counterpart that got killed. Didn’t he get killed in the movie too?

I count 7 dead Jacksons in 9 seasons.

[Stan Voice] GDI! They killed Daniel![/Stan Voice]

I kinda think Atlantis is a bit too rambo… But thats just me. And Jack’s remarks are simply better…

Stargate rocks!!!
I own all the seaons for SG-1 and first movie. Dillon (CmptrGK) we watched season 8 last week. how did you foregt?