StarGaze CAD-A-Thon

Hello everyone! My name is Rylee, and I am the President of a new organization called StarGaze! StarGaze is a coalition of Texas FTC and FRC teams working towards collaboration across robotics.

In preparation for the start of FTC, one of our first projects with StarGaze is an FTC CADathon! We will be hosting this virtual CADathon on the weekend of August 12th. We have designed a new, custom FTC game (complete with mock game manual and mock field CAD!), that you will have 2-3 days to CAD an FTC robot for! You can compete by yourself, or in teams of up to 4 people. While StarGaze is a Texas organization, this CAD-A-Thon is open to everyone.

This CAD-A-Thon is a great way for students to learn how to CAD under a time limit without the risk of a full season. It’s also a great way for FRC students to learn how to CAD by starting on a smaller scale.

In addition, we will be hosting a Discord helpline throughout the event (exact times TBD) and will have staff on standby to give you advice or help!

If you are interested, please fill out our registration form here:

Registration closes on August 5th.

We look forward to seeing your work!


Registration closes in a little over 1 week! Dont forget to register!

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Is there a link for the discord where the helpline will be?

I’ll send the link to the discord helpline as well as a ton of other information about a week before the start of the event!

i have a relatively rookie team of cadders, myself included. is it possible to have more than 4 members if they are all from the same team?

We’re sticking with teams of 4, but you can register more than 1 team!

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CAD-A-Thon is officially 1.5 weeks away! Don’t forget to register or message me with any questions!

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hi Rylee, we haven’t received any email yet about the discord or anything. any updates?

I have the email schedule sent for 5pm today! So sorry for the lack of communication, busy week at work.

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