Start of the Match: left/right, can we choose?

at the beginning of the match are the robots assigned to starting on the left or right side of the playing field? or does the alliance get to choose?

this would make a big difference in autonomous strategy whether or not you will be facing your goal, your opponents goal, or a randomly chosen goal.

I would assume that it would alternate as it has in the past, to allow for one team to set up while the other leaves the field. I haven’t gotten through all the rules yet, though, so I may be wrong.

Random would be kool… a super pain to program… but we have the controller for it.

-Greg The Great

I’ve read the rules and found no mention of where your robot starts. I seem to remember that it’s changed in past years, could be wrong, so I have no idea.

Historically in qualification rounds, its been determined randomly, as are your alliance partner and your opponents, and I assume this year will be no different. You will be told whether you are on the right or the left. In elimination rounds, historically the alliance captain has been able to choose whether you or your partner is on the left or right, and I again believe this year no different.