Started a Robotics Company, Looking for Advice

TLDR: Made a new robotics platform that I think teams could use for outreach and I’m looking for feedback / advice on if teams would actually want this.

Hi everyone,

My name is Canon, I’m an FRC alumnus from Arkansas. A year ago I started MORE Technologies with the goal of making educational robotics more accessible. We created MOREbot. It’s a modular ecosystem similar to Lego or Vex but made from primarily 3D printed parts and things you can buy at a local hardware store like wooden dowels. We teach kids coding, electronics, and CAD / 3D printing. It starts with the base robot (on the left in the photo below) but can grow into anything from an automatic catapult to a drone.

We sell robot kits that come with all of the parts you need, including the 3D printed ones. We also developed a subscription-based platform, Makerplace, that has all of our tutorials, part files, and example projects. We view it as an evergrowing library of 3D printable parts that “just work” together and much more.

It’s targeted towards teaching middle school students and up. We’ve worked with kids as young as 2nd grade, but you really have to hold their hand through it. The kits we sell now use the Arduino Uno, but we’ve also integrated Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, and Littlebits to the ecosystem so you can just download and print the respective mount if you don’t want to use Arduino.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign about a month ago and as of two days ago are fully funded. You can check the campaign out here if you want to know more or get a discounted robot to play with yourself.

I’m posting on CD because I know a lot of teams do outreach programs with younger students and I think this would be a good fit. However, that’s just an assumption. I would love to hear your thoughts an whether or not this is something teams would be interested in using and if you have any advice on how to find teams interested in piloting with us this first year. I’ve also made this survey if you’re lurking and don’t feel like commenting :wink:


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