Starting a Florida FIRST Website

A few other members of ComBBAT and myself have been wanting to work with other teams in Florida or the southeast to start an organization similar to that of IndianaFIRST and Western Region Robotics Forum for our area. Any teams interested, please reply, and give any comments you might have or personal suggestions you would like to give, or send me a PM. I’d like to start on this soon so we could have a fully operational area setup by Kickoff. Also please list any programs, or special skills you have just so we have an idea who could help with which area. Thanks guys!


This is Awesome!
Im jumping on this!

Count 108 in! We need some more commortery (sp?) in florida!

You can count on 86 too.
I just got to talk to my team to find out what exactly we can do though…

710 is in…well me and dan are the most active members so i know i am in and i know dan has been feeling bog down on things but ia m pretty shure he is in. we can or i can do anything you need

Sounds like a great idea, you should talk to my brother (jason) he runs and has tons of pictures and stuff. Florida should have an alliance. Ill help with what i can!!!

The Inspiration Foundation Inc. would be happy to give space on it’s server. All you would need is to by a domain name, no more then $10. Email me at if interested. Thanks.

Great idea Mike! :cool: …count us Spammers in…we haven’t started our Fall meetings, yet, but we’ll find a way to help


Danny told me Ramtech cant make it


Ok, for step 1… anyone who would like to submit an idea for a name for this… that would be great. Leon, once we get things settled a little I will e-mail you telling you where we are at, thanks for offering assistance. But for now, does anyone have ideas for this? If anyone would like to help setup contribute lists of things you would like to see out of this service, please do that as well, and I’ll type up a formal thing, so we can get the ball rolling and I guess that’s it for now to start.

WEll first i am not good with names so i cant help you there. But, i do have some stuff i would like to see. Well reading through CD i saw that teams up in the north where going to cedar point and having a gathering, we can do taht we have 5+ theme parks in Florida i would like to see this website help organize like team bonding activitys maybe like twice a year. One could be a trip to a amusment park and i know we have gamers in this crowd so we could have a big lan paryt or anythign is a possiblity. Maybe another thing would be helping get some good off season competitons together. LIke my team failed to get are competiton (seaside squabble) off the ground. Me and dan would liek to try again and i am shure with backing of this website we could do it. Thats all that i can think of for now i will post if i think of more

I think this is an awesome idea…I love it! I’m so for it!!

I’m pretty sure 212 will be up for it, hopefully our teacher will agree… sounds like an awesome idea though!


The great things is you dont have a team backing, I mean dont get me wrong a team backing is great but you could join us and hang out on the website as a individual and just say what team you are on and aobut team lan partys i go to a computer school and we host lan partys like once a month(i got them into it) so ia m like the main guy for setting them up so we could have lan partys down here it we can max out the school at 65 and we would have them rooms
there are 4 rooms a server in each already wired ethernet just plug in
the games we usually play are as follows and rember theme rooms so different game in each room

  1. counterstrike
  2. unreall
    3)battlefield 1942
  3. and the 4th is on deman so it can change usually its quake but we have had wolfeisntein TFC and diffrent mods of everthing

then there is a lounge area its great if anyone is interested like mike or someone post here and i iwll know and i will get pics up of the place and of the next lan we have there

Ryan, that sounds like an awesome idea, hopefully teams will all be able to just host little get-togethers even if it might be a LAN Party, or just Bowling, or whatever… since Florida is still quite large, hopefully we can use this to get teams within an hour of each other or so just to meet up, or even down the line in the summer next year… all go somewhere for a weekend (theme parks, etc.)

Ok… Mike told me to post my idea for the name on the forum for “responses” lol it started as a joke but grew on me

how about FIRST SERF’s

Stands for FIRST ( obviously ) South East Robotics Forum

but… we just call ourselves the serf’s yes… as in the indentured servants of the feudal ages lol

it would make for a killer logo… some scruffy person with a hammer banging on robotic parts or something

and awsome t-shirts too lol

we could be all like serfers and jive

well thats my spin


in early summer we had swamp Vs Spam bowling In the Nutral Zone

Here are some ideas that the website could have.

An area where we could post drawings of ideas, whitepapers, pictures etc. Then as an area under that the teams that a re part of the alliance can have an area that would be set up that teams can easily post progress on thier bots with pictures and the likes.

Another thing would be a chat room where we could have scheduled “meetings” like once a month or so in the off season and weekly or biweekly during the season to discuss ideas, manufacturing techniques, or ask any questions. Also at these meetings we could set up get togethers and things like that.

Also an email blast system could be set up so emails could be sent to all registered members about important things.

And finally i would love to see a nice contact list for teams in florida, Not just of members but of teachers, mentors, engineers… So if there is a competiton or if you just want to meet with another team for some help building it would be easy to get an email to them.

mmm i like the name the serfs i am a serf ha thats great. Ya i will get some pics up of how we play so you guys can see how things are run. what i like about this website is when we go to a regional we can acutally be closer and maybe get to meet more people like i wish at UCF I could of met mike and a bunch of other people. But since being a driver and everythign ties things up we could set up meeting times for everyone

Well, one idea I had, was something similar to how ChiefDelphi does their “webhug” at nationals, because that helps you put a face to people, and you finally get to meet these people you work with. I was thinking about doing that, as well as setting up a system for teams to setup meetings for just having fun together. On top of that, I was thinking maybe a game area, like setup a Counter-strike Server… primarily for FIRST people, where you have “Clan” matches which could be like team A vs. team B just for fun, or even have mix-and-match teams of friends through the forums, just another way to get together and have fun meeting each other, so more people get involved with the system. I’d like to know what other people’s opinions are about the Florida SERFS Idea though.