Starting a new team in Rochester NY

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read and (hopefully) help me here…

Heres the story, right now, we have 1 FRC team between 2 schools, however, i am the only student on the team from one of the schools. I believe this has to do with transporation problems between the two schools and parents not wanting to go to a different school to pick up their child. I figure this can be solved by creating a new team so that each school has its own team, hence, eliminating transportation problems. Sounds like a decent solution, right?

Now the problems. First or all things, ill have to get approval from administration due to the fact that advisors do get paid. Also, we would need to get funding for the team, however it is late in pre-season, which may also be cause for it to be turned down by the administrators. Of course, there is also needed participation, but i dont feel that would be much of a problem.

So now, here is where i am trying to find help. Does any team have any prewritten letter of some sorts that isnt too long but fully explains FRC? Also, is there any team in or somewhat near Rochester that would be willing to help us possibly come into contact with local companies or help fund a team directly from them?

There may be things i might of forgotten, if so, please mention them…and as i said above, thanks for reading this and hopefully helping :slight_smile:

Are you going to have the teacher and finacial support to do this? If you don’t thenn you’re not going to get far with the administration. Especially if a couple of million are coming out of the school’s budget like they claim it is.

Im trying to get this support…If i cant, i guess there just wont be a new team. I guess im just trying to figure out a way i can actually participate in FRC for my last year as a student, as on the current team i cant as im being left out of communication, its almost clear that they dont want 2 schools involved…so staying there isnt an option, so this is an idea that popped into my head. I currently have 1 teacher that would be willing to help, but administration would have to approve us doing the club and the extra pay for the advisor in order for us to look for sponsors…

Edit- also, if you have any other suggestions/solutions for me, id be glad to hear them :slight_smile:

(Hint: Im in a ranting kind of mood…so beware :o )

Is your goal to have this team in operation for this coming year? If so that may be a tough deal. FRC is expensive and trying to get everything together, not to mention getting into the Finger Lakes Regional, will be very difficult. However, Team 340, and me personally will be more then willing to help. I have a few companies in mind that I have some contacts with that we could try to get you some sponsorship. Again, I am not sure how feasible getting a team set for this year is. Please send me an email, so you can meet with our team and we can discuss options.

I check it often so you should get a quick response. Hope to hear from you.

Steve, for the entirety of my participation in FIRST, my team consisted of two schools and a ‘local’ University, each of which was no closer than a 25 minute drive from the next. The area between our three meeting spots was roughly equal to that of Long Island, New York. What I am saying is that you CAN make a team work, and work well, with two high schools and there are some very easy ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

The best answer I can give to you at a time like this is to look to your school to provide a mentor/adviser and a bus to and from meetings two or three nights a week. This is much cheaper than trying to get them to start a new FIRST team and has worked well for other teams in the past. But, before (hopefully) getting your administration to agree to the funding get a group of extremely interested students, take them to some pre-season meetings and get them to say that they are definitely interested in participating. then just move on with the three generally outlined steps and your on your way.

(a) Talk to your school board about participation and transportation! Demo a robot from past years and invite the administration to come watch. Talk to them about how FIRST has positively changed your life and how it has affected your willingness to learn. Presentation is often times a much greater tool than a simple letter in a situation like this so ask the rest of the team to come and perhaps the administration will see how many students it really affects.

(b) Still write a good letter… the follow up is key in this type of situation. Let them know that you really do mean business and that you appreciate their time and their (possible) funding to help with transportation.

© Don’t become agitated with them. Respect their decision no matter what it is. They may see your level of maturity and remember this if the robotics program is ever brought to their attention again.

I understand that you’re in a tough situation, and bring a team to your school seems like a good plan. I think most of us here have had issues with the teams they were on at one time or another. Just remember that starting a team is not as simple as getting the principle to sign a letter. As it’s been said, you need a lot of money, mentoring, interested students. I don’t know the exact circumstances and troubles you’ve been having on your team, and those private issues probably shouldn’t be discussed here on the forum. I think that starting a whole new team because you personally are having a problem with the current team, is not the right way to go… especially since you said you were the only one at your school interested, and it’s your last year on the team. As Jay said, It is possible for people from different schools to be on the same team.

My advice is to try to make your situation on the current team work. If you have something, like time and talents, to offer to the team then they will probably want you there. Rather than start a whole new team, maybe volunteer to be liason for your school and recruit new members to join the existing team. From there you can organize rides and carpools and create a network where everyone knows what is going on. These efforts you’re planning on putting in to start a new team may be more successful if they are put towards expanding your school’s involvement on the current team.