Starting a team in Milwaukee

For those of you who were at the national competition and already talked to me about stating my own team, I will be asking for your assistance in the month coming up.

For the rest, I am going to be a freshman at Milwaukee School of Engineering this fall and I’m trying to start a team in the area. Currently there are only two students (including myself) who are going to MSOE and want to be part of the team. I’ve talked to the school and they are fully behind me if I can find more students and finish all the starting leg-work. I still need a lot of contacts and resouces, so if anyone knows any of the following… it would be greatly appreciated if you could post something.

*Anyone that is going to MSOE and would be interested in joining a FIRST team. Or even anyone going to a university in Milwaukee (MSOE preferred).

*Contact information for any company (for partnership, for materials, for donations, etc. ) in Milwaukee or the Milwaukee area.

*Contact information for any high schools in Milwaukee.

*Or any helpful hints on starting your own college partnership team.

Thank you,
Lauren Halatek

PS: You may also send me e-mail at


Wow, good to see all that hard work may have paid off.

I heard a rumor that this team has representation from WildStang and Beatty (watch out).

Remember, if there is any way in which I can help out just let me know.

The second member of this up-and-coming team is myself. As Lauren already stated, any and all info that can help is very much appreciated. You may also contact me if you have any, but try to get in touch with her first (at least for the next month). I will pass on any information that I recieve though. My e-mail is

Thanks to everyone!

Kevin Kolodziej

OOooo… another Wisconsin team!

I will be going to UW Milwaukee. I would be very, very interested in helping out mentor your team.

I was our last years only programmer/electrical helper.

Jeremy Nadke

Great to hear you’re getting something going in WI. I lived most of my life in WI (37 years). My brother is a graduate of MSOE. I now live in SC and am an engineer on Team 343 Metal in Motion. How far are you from Racine? I have a nephew who would probably be interested (son of the MSOE grad). Also if there is anything I or MiM can do to help let me/us know.

Good luck!


What I meant to say above was that I was the only programmer but I helped in electrical, for those who may have read it the wrong way cough.

But anyways… I was down in Milwaukee the other day to pick out my schedule… I have 4 classes / 15 credits total for the semester.

Wednesdays I have one class… 3:30 - 5:20 (Calc & Analytic Geom combined). So I have time off for other stuff (when I’m not doing homework).

Fridays I have no classes at all, so there is plenty of time to help out. I may get a part time job to pay for expenses, so I’ll have to wait and see how much spare time I actually have…

Could anyone name all the college team…so far. Thanks for the help.

Good question - I actually asked that number a while ago, but didn’t get a good response - if you get a number, send it my way would you?

I tried to go through the program and count - I think I came up with a number on the order of 100-200. But… that was just teams with a college in their name - that’s not a good indication of what the college did. I was looking for teams that are run just by college students -that number I think is much smaller (I’m going to guess 30). I can really only think of a few off the top of my head:
ohio state (2 teams!)
georgia tech
michigan tech (mtu)

ok, I ran out already. I know there are more (clarkson??, and one in NYC - something with ‘poly’ in the name…). And help?

Thank you Erik. You’re e-mails are also very helpful. I just got done with a meeting with the electeical department and they are behide me. They’re willing to supply techincal support, possibly work space and lab space. Other then getting more college students to join, I have everything I need to start the process of starting this club.

Next, I will need to start contacting the companies to start setting up meetings about join up with us. This will be more difficult for me due to my lack of experience in corporate bussiness. If you have any suggests on the way about presenting FIRST that will be more appealing to them, please let me know.


team 930 from Mukwonago Wisconsin (30 min. from Milw.) has older siblings that go to MSOE
If you have any questions or want help during the season go to our web site and post
questions there
we would be happy to help:)

Attention all Wisconsin teams: if I get a team togather for CDI, would anyone be willing to take us in as a (so far) “non-first team”? If anyone may be interested at all, please contact me at or post a reply. Thank you.

Hey Lauren-

Our team might be interested, we are having a meeting in the next couple weeks to get things going again, drop me a line at

Hey check this out:

it’s a start. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Things are starting to move fast here at a MSOE. There is a lot of interest coming in from all over the campus and community. We are having our first meeting this Monday and will be presenting the 2002 Wildstang Robot on Thursday the 12th at the president’s picnic. If anyone is in the Milwaukee area, please stop by and visit. The picnic will be located on State St and Milwaukee Ave. Things will start at 3 and go until 7 in the evening. We hope there will be a big turn out. :slight_smile:

Uggh… that sucks… I have Chemistry Discussion/Lecture from 4:30 until 6:45 at night…

Well, I hope it goes well. Good to hear that things are coming along nicely.

As a member from a Wisconsin team, I’m glad that there is interest in starting another in our state. I hope it works out for you

Good luck, if you need any help/info on how we run things up here, just drop me an email.

Team Leader
Clarkson University
FIRST Robotics - Team 229

We were hoping for 1171 or 1071 or 1111 to be with our parents from 111 or 71, but hopefully the Gila Monsters will be good family for us. You can e-mail either one of us at or

Lauren (former Wildstanger) and Kevin (former Team Hammondite) (but now we are Milwaukeans - not official name!)

PS We are looking for suggestions for a team name.

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Team Name: If only you had Miller sponsorship…

j/k of course

*Originally posted by LaurenH *
**PS We are looking for suggestions for a team name. **

Well… MSOE is the Raiders so you could go with RoboRaider Robotics or Raider Robotics…