Starting a team in Muncie, IN for Ball State University and the Indiana Academy

Hello all!

A few members of Team Hammond #71 have moved to the Muncie, Indiana area (to both Ball State University and the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities) and we are looking to start a team in this area. We are holding meetings at both schools and are looking for sponsors and team members to join our efforts.

We are looking for:

-Students of either school (or area schools) who are interested in joining a FIRST team for the upcoming years.

-A company willing to partner up with us for materials or donations in the Muncie/Indianapolis area.

-Tips from other established college/high school teams who would like to help out.

All of your help and information is greatly appreciated. For any information and/or inquiries, please contact Amanda Morrison at or Shane Ostapchuk at . Thank you!

Cool…another Indiana team…

One student from the academy that may be able to help out is Shrutish Dawande. He’s a former member of the TechnoKats who moved to the academy a few years ago. Ever since he’s moved there, and from various conversations i’ve had with him he seemed really interested in starting a team (maybe he’s helping you right now, cuz the last i heard the school said they could help him…)

If you need any help i’m sure any Indiana team would be willing to help, and you’ll possibly be recieving some emails from them…


EDIT: while looking through our team list from 2000-2001 i found this email for Shrutish [email protected] i’m not sure if he still uses it though.


From when I last checked, there is one member of TechnoKats 45 and one member of CyberBlue 234 at the Academy, and our representative Shane said that they were both willing to help. Thanks a ton for the info!


there is a student from Full Metal Jackets 393 attending the academy and a student going to Ball State that is also from team 393. If you want their contact info, email me at [email protected]

evan’s cool (the guy from 234) and he’s great at animation…we were all sad to let him go.

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I figure that since it’s been what seems like years since this has been updated that it would be nice to give everyone an update on what’s going on with #1020 - the Indiana Prank Monkeys.

We’re formed, registered, and ready to compete when the game releases. All of the members are scattered throughout Indiana on their x-mas break (btw, Merry Christmas to all). We have a team full of people on edge to see the new game and several will attend the kick-off in Kokomo. We received the NASA grant (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you) as well as funds from others and some fund raising**.

We are well on our way to affording the necessary items, but we need more money of course! As always, if anyone has any tips that you think there’s a chance we haven’t heard of - let us know!

As for the resources of our team, we have recently secured space for building and testing as well as the sponsorship from Delaware Machinery, located here in Muncie, IN.

We’re registered to compete in March at St. Louis. Currently we are working on figuring out how to get people to the event! This is another problem due to the lack of funding - so if you know of a cheap bus company or something like that, it would be most helpful!

**fund raising - We got this idea from another team, and it worked great: We sold duct tape (at the super high mark up of $1 a yard) to students while 3 of their most beloved teachers stood on chairs against the walls of our lounge. We sold 15 rolls of duct tape and managed to get 2 of the teachers to stay for a few seconds. As for the third… it took several people to pull him from the wall:p

How’s that for an update? I can’t wait for the game to come out. All this talk of how different the game is has me itching to see it. What could be so shocking? (There’s another forum for this, so please don’t reply about it here!)

BTW - To clear up the confusion about who’s here doing what:
Shrutish and I spent a lot of time working with other students here at the Academy to lead up to forming a team this year with the help of Neil Dantum of Anderson, Shane O. and Amanda M. from Hammond, BSU, and teachers at the Academy. Now we’ve got about 40 people on the team and things are going pretty great!