Starting and editing a website?

My team used to have a website. We kind of lost track of it and I want to try and bring it back. I don’t know a ton of things about making and editing a website. Any advice of how to go about it??
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, thats the same thing that happened to my team, we had a website and soon as the domain contract was over we did have another one. But made the team buy a new domain and I made the website. So no one would know more about starting and running a website than me :p.

As far as advice for starting and making a website, look at another’s website (just to get a reference) and also have a look at the FIRST Website Criteria (that should give you an idea of the things to have on your website). As long as you know basic HTML and CSS and maybe JavaScript you should be fine.

And if you need any help with HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding just post your question here.

This summer we are working on a major website re-vamp. We use bluehost and that is really nice. It’s a small monthly fee and has a lot of widgets and tools you can use. We also use Adobe Dreamweaver to design and build the site and we use Adobe Firework to edit pictures. I personally really like the software and it has been really easy to reformat the site. If you have any specific questions or anything feel free to PM me! :slight_smile:

We’ve done a ton of website designs, liked none of them really.

We finally just worked on a joomla template and switched entirely over to joomla.

So far, we like the flexibility and ability to add content, by summer we’ll have 3-4x more information on it. I highly recommend joomla, drupal or any other CMS with decent support.

Our other issue was the ability to add content easily and the site being easily editable and modular!


We’re using bluehost and wordpress. Wordpress is making things so easy that even someone like me, who doesn’t really know html or css, can work on the site without a problem (ok, so there was this one time when I really screwed things up, but I’m getting better :P) Adding/editing is easy. We’ve customized the theme a lot. It needs lots of work, but we’re planning to shape it up over the summer.

I’d agree with those above, looking at other websites and the FIRST criteria has helped a lot. Look up the winners for your regional, or look at the championships winners.

We still have lots to improve on. If anybody has suggestions for photo galleries, that’d be something I’d like to hear about, too.

P.S. RC, your website is gorgeous.

Here look at our photo gallery

We used the lightbox effect and since I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript it was not hard to make it.

Im sure you can add html/JavaScript/css code to wordpress (correct me if my wrong), so if you want i could copy and paste you the code to implement the lightbox effect

Yeah, you can definitely add code. It would be great if you could paste it, or I guess PM it to me. We’ve been having trouble finding a good way to organize/display the photos, so trying it out would be good. We’ve been trying to use Wordpress widgets but I haven’t found one that works yet.

Something that we want to do is have a widget that displays a specific Facebook album from our page. We couldn’t find any from WordPress, but we’re now using Drupal and haven’t looked for any in the new format. Anyone have any suggestions?