Starting and Stopping Compressor

Any insight on this issue would help. Are there rules how the compressor must be powered on and off?(through a specific relay,jaguar, etc.) Can I power on with a Jaguar, is that possible, legal? I know I can write the code for that but right now I have power going to a spike relay connected in relay 1 on digital sidecar and can’t get code to turn spike on and off…

Any help will do.


P.S. I have Compressor(1,2) program running, but I am not sure exactly what it is doing.

There is a pressure sensor from the KOPs that you should have. I think when it is wired correctly (i don’t know how to wire it) the compressor will be automatic.

The pressure switch is wired to a digital input on the side car. We have always use input 1. The compressor must be on a spike per rule. We always have connected the spike to relay output 1A on the sidecar.
The canned compressor function reads the switch through the digital input and turns the spike on through the digital output. I imagine the function parameters tell the function which IO to use. I have programmers to do that foo foo stuff.

OK Thanks