Starting condition of robot.

During a match, recently this past weekend, some of the robots appeared to pass the 60" height limit before the start of the match, when robots are being set up. My question is, what is the starting condition of the robot? is it 28" by 38" without height restriction? If you could get back to me as soon as possible, it would be much appreciated.

-Quantum Ninjas, Team 1677.

It’s a 60" height restriction before the autonomous mode.

Care to provide an example?

Thank you for the prompt reply. We believe that the robots in question may have been at exactly 60" :slight_smile: One more question. What kind of penalty would we receive if we extended beyond this height restriction before autonomous?

I believe that if it is determined that your robot is starting out taller than 60", then you must either promptly fix it, or remove your robot from the field and get reinspected.

  • Sunny

Keep in mind that “promptly fixing it” is without power.

However, the rules do say that not following the robot rules is just a penalty (is there a yellow card also?)… I don’t think they could red card you for that.

Strategy = start with arm all the way up and just drive forward for autonomous.

If I remember correctly, matches will not start until all robots are in legal start positions.

Yes, I believe that to be so.

<G03> Each ROBOT must be in its STARTING CONFIGURATION. The Head Referee may call for an inspector’s recertification of the ROBOT size and weight prior to the start of any MATCH. Violation: Prohibition from participating in the MATCH