Starting Config question

The manual doesn’t say anything about this but I vaguely recall It not being allowed in years past. Can our starting conifg be dependant upon the fact that it is resting against the wall. IE a weelie bar that is hinged via spring-hinge that is held up by the wall, then automaticaly falls down once we move forward. How will inspectors react to this? will they allow us to hold this bar up while they push our robot into the size box?

I think you’d better find another way to hold it up.

I am not an inspector, but if I was and I saw something pushing on the box, I’d look very closely at it. It shouldn’t be too hard to rig a servo as a latch…


Well, unless whoever is holding the bar up plans to remain attached to the robot for the duration of the match, that is.

Rule R11:

Any restraints (elastic bands, springs, etc.) that are used to restrain the ROBOT in its STARTING CONFIGURATION must remain attached to the ROBOT for the duration of the MATCH.


:rolleyes:It would be kind of funny to see the Player Station dragging after the robot… Oh, wait, to do that you must grab, grasp, or grapple it… <G34>…:rolleyes:

When I say box I mean the 38x28x60 box used during inspection not on the field. But the rule quote still doesn’t convince me. I think they give the examples of springs and elastic bands for the intent of explaining that only items introduced to the field by your team fall under the catagory. We wouldn’t be introducing the alliance station to the field lol.

No, but it would be used as a restraint. The human would be as well.

Now, I have known teams that were not allowed to power on to get into the box while on the field because they were barely outside it. You risk being in the same boat.

That said, here is my suggestion: figure out a place you can mount a servo. The servo’s arm (or attachments to it) should fit into a slot in your spring-hinged wheelie bar. The first thing that happens when the match starts is the servo moves the arm out of the slot. Now, the wall is the restraining item, but the robot is going into playing configuration. It isn’t in starting position anymore.

The reason I am hesitant to do something like this is while we are a 6th year team, we have no engineering mentors, just a wonderful teacher that signs papers and opens the room for us, and our most complcated tool is a Miter Saw, no mill not lathe. Thus we always try to do anything to avoid a complication. I see this servo being a complication that could be avoided.

I don’t think you can avoid it. I remember one of the inspectors on here saying something about pushing against the box would not pass at his booth.

The only other way would be a pneumatic cylinder acting as a pin, if you already have pneumatics.

(And, Vex servos are legal…)

Edit:These threadsmight explain a bit better.

Thank you for the links to other threads the first one was especially helpful. The posts seem to give the Idea that it really depends on what inspector you get, so I think I will design a servo system, but try to get it sized first without it. Thanks for your deligent help EricH!