Starting configuration

Can someone explain the starting configuration, such as the distance from robot to robot? Any visual with measurements is appreciated.

Starting Configuration is the way YOUR robot starts the match, irrespective of placement on the field.
–Everything inside the Frame Perimeter
–Everything under the height limit of 54"

What you’re looking for is G7.

See the bold text.

There is no robot-robot distance (other than that the alliances aren’t hitting each other).

Starting configuration is the static configuration of your robot prior to the start of the match. All of your robot components need to be inside the frame perimeter and below the maximum starting configuration height.

The robot inspection process verifies your robot can meet the starting configuration rules. Before matches, referees will look at your robot to make sure actually are complying with starting configuration rules (nothing sticking out beyond the frame, etc.).

Edit: sniped by EricH! (What he said…)

For G7Eii: inside the COURTYARD, in contact with both the CASTLE WALL and GUARDRAIL.

Does this mean we can put our robot at a 45 degree angle so that it touches both the wall and guardrail and still avoid breaking this rule?

It also has to break the vertical plane of the auto line (i.e. Have any part (including bumpers) above it)

That’s certainly how I read it; you can be square in the corner, or at any oblique angle, as long as you’re in contact with both boundaries.