Starting FTC Team


Hey all. I’m looking to start a FTC team but I need someone who can be a head coach/mentor. Anyone know where I can ask around for someone? Btw I live in East Brunswick, New Jersey.


My team is also planing on starting a FTC team and we spoke with other teams and this is what we got out of it. Go to the school where you are creating the team and talk to the teachers there. Persuade them to be mentors. Talk to teachers related to the Stem field or one who has experience with this sort of stuff . Also do not leave everything up to that mentor. Send a few of your teams experienced members in fields such as designing building and programming to help them out. Have a section of your team that is willing to go the FTC team a few times to check up on them and help them. Also remember if your team is starting the team they should be the first mentors. They should teach the FTC team members the basics and get them experienced. For the first season the mentor will be overwhelmed by what to do, he needs helpers to help him out.


FTC is particularly well suited to parent mentors. I would start with the parents of the students who will be on the time… you do have other students, right?


Initially, I want to start the team outside of the school. Due to being a big district, our school system is 8th and 9th in junior high school, and 10-12 in the high school. The FRC team is located in the high school but due to district things, we can’t have freshman on the FRC team which is why I wanna start a FTC team in the junior high. But initially, I don’t think I can start with the school simply because no one from the FRC team will be able to go to the meetings because its in a different school. So I’ll go with cadandcookies idea with a parent mentor but I’ll ensure that I give them time to learn and become adjusted. What you guys think?


That is not a bad idea. But there is one issue. You would need parents who are willing to put in the time. Most will probably have work or be busy with other things. Also parents might be confused on what to do, especially with programming and stuff like that. If you can get a group of parents who are willing to put in the time and know exactly what to do I say go for it. However I think if you do decide to leave it up to the parents to take care of everything some issues might come up. Why cant your team members go? Is it the time, district policy or distance? I am asking because if its district policy I am sure you can talk with the head of the BOE and see if you can work something out. Also I know being a second year team, you guys probably do not have a lot of alumni yet but look around and see if there are any from teams close by who are willing to come and help out or talk to teams that you have a good relationship with. See if they have any alumni that is willing to help out your FTC team. I know you guys have a good relationship with team 25, I would start with them and see if they have anyone that can help you. Also even if you did get a group of parents or anyone to mentor the team, you still need to go and mentor them. I can tell you from experience that it is always good to have an older and a better team walk you through your first year.

Also if you are really set in the parent mentor idea, go to an occasion where a lot of parents come, such as Report card night or other school events and talk to them there and explain the importance of FIRST and what it is. That is a good place to start. Let me know how it goes. Also if you do have anymore question PM me and i will help you out. Looking forward to playing with you guys again this year.


The issue really, is getting transport to get people from high school down to junior high school. The school just doesn’t have the buses to do so. I was thinking that if we go parent mentor route, we can meetings at evenings or something which would allow kids from the FRC team (including me) to come and help out. I also have at least one mentor from the FRC team whose willing to put in some time. We do have a STEM night coming up, I’ll see if I get any parents interested. And of course, I also look forward to playing with and against you guys next year.