Starting position and boundries

Please note that I am posting here because my team has been having issues with our Q&A account such that we have been unable to post a question. Im fully aware that anything posted here is unofficial, but this was my next option.

Anyway, when at the HH district event, my team was told that you must start the match with your wheels not touching the tape that defines a zone, but only touching the bare carpet within that zone. This question, however, seems to imply that you may start the match touching the zone boundry tape (although it references the goalie zone). How has this been called at your event and could anyone help me find the rule in the manual? I’ve looked multiple times, but I’m notorious for reading right over things.

For reference, here is what we were trying to pose on the Q&A:
“As per G4, a robot must start the match only contacting the carpet in the white zone if they wish to start the match in the white zone. Is the white tape bordering the white zone considered part of the carpet such that it is legal to start the match with wheels contacting this white tape as well as the rest of the uncovered white zone?”

Any info on how this was called at other events?

From the section 3 of the manual under the section where it discusses how ASSISTS are scored:

A ROBOT is considered in a ZONE if it is in contact with the carpet in a ZONE or the tape marking the ZONE, but not in contact with carpet or tape for another ZONE.

Combined with the second part of C in G4:

positioned such that the only contact between the ROBOT and the carpet is in the white ZONE with the ROBOT between the TRUSS and their GOALS,

It seems pretty clear to me that your robot’s wheels can start the match touching the white tape since it’s considered part of the white ZONE.

Thankyou, I did miss that. I thought that was the case but the head ref at HH thought otherwise. I’ll quote that from now on.

Our robot starts on the white line, it helps with positioning for our autonomous.