Starting position for auto

Althought I have searched the game manual I cannot find anything that says which zone robots are to start in at the beginning of auto. I’m assuming the robots cannot start in the auto zone, but do they have to start in the staging zone?

I believe they can start in any zone that isn’t the auto zone, as long as they are fully contained by the zone in which they are starting.

G7 says that the robot must be completely outside of the landfill or the auto zone.

So essentially you can start in the staging zone or in the space between the auto and landfill zones (if your robot fits).

Mackenzie Glaser
Robo Lions 1261


Please read the manual and the Q&A regarding what exactly constitutes being IN the zones.

I remember that the “air” above the zoned areas is (logically) considered part of the zone, but I don’t remember whether the tape is part of the zones or not.


For the Landfill, the tape is not considered part of the zone (Q52). This was clarified in Q&A and an update. I don’t recall seeing anything regarding the Auto zone, but that might also have been taken care of in the same update.