Starting Position

Do we have to start in the starting box, or can our robot start in a different orientation?

I know I’ve seen this addressed either here or on the Jive forum, but I can’t find it right now.

You are allowed to start anywhere and in any orientation within your assigned starting area. The starting areas are between the ramp and the side of the field, from the the midfield barrier to the end of the ramp .

Your robot must start in the orientation it was in when measured during inspection so that it fits within a 30x36" footprint. Note, however, that there is no actual 30x36 square on the carpet so you can start anywhere in the “alley” like gwross said.

See for the official answer.

OK, maybe I seem dumb here, but is there not a 48" square that you have to start in as there has always been in the past?

Nope, no square this time. You can start anywhere on your side of the “alley”.