Starting project?

So what exactly do you do to start a project. We do Create New Project, and then click robotics but don’t know which one to do. Please help. Last year we used MyRoboRio, so what do we do this year? . :o

Why is the color purple and font huge?

If you’re running eclipse, than its File -> New -> Other -> WPILib FRC (C++ or Java) Development -> Example Robot (x) Project

Please be more descriptive and please don’t write in all caps, it just looks bad.

If you’re running Labview, you already created a thread here:

So, you shouldn’t be making multiple threads. It just clutters up ChiefDelphi.

Anyway, if you’re running Labview, take a look at your other thread: Myself and RufflesRidge already posted some possible solutions.

Thank you