Starting Sandstorm on HAB Level 3

Back at the start of the season, I suggested that off-season events make the rule change that teams are allowed to start sandstorm on HAB Level 3 in order to get 12 sandstorm points for crossing. Has any offseason so far allowed this? If so, is there video somewhere? I just really love the idea of robots leaping off that height immediately and any resulting chaos from the leap of faith.

If not, hey, there’s still some off-seasons remaining! Could one of you allow this pretty please?


Yes, well kinda. At Space Coast Showdown 5816 started on level 3 and landed successfully. You can find it in the space coast showdown live stream on youtube at 6:21:21 . The video is choppy though so it switches frames from Hab 3 to landed immediatly.


Direct link:

Now the next step would be to get a video without all the dropped frames.

At the end of the WCP Mcc+ 2019 (About 1:26) it shows them going off of level 3.

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