Starting the compressor

Having trouble with our compressor to my u understanding it should start automatically when the robot is turned on. I am using labview and have a solenoid and compressor programmed based off of some frc examples but the compressor is not running when start the code.

It it all wired correctly?

I believe so from examples I’ve looked at yes. Does the pressure switch have to be programmed or is it all wired?

Can you take a picture of your pneumatics system? And also post your code? I don’t have Labview experience, but if the pressure switch is wired properly, for Java you just need one line of code to make the compressor automatically run.

How close is your PCM to Radio? Last year we were having sort of the same troubles and once we moved them farther apart the problem seemed to go away. We are a Labview team and we have never needed to program in the compressor. The PCM could be bad. When we were having trouble shooting this last week, the pressure switch wouldn’t shut off the compressor cause of a faulty PCM.

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