Hello everyone,

1124 alumni here looking to get a start up going. More information can be found here,, any endorsement, link sharing, or comments are greatly appreciated.

It has always surprised me how FIRST is always about innovation and solving problems but I have not really seen the FIRST community involved with many start ups. Of course I could be wrong.

Anyways, if you have any comments, advice, suggestions, or just want to talk about start ups in general please do!

Taylor Amarel

Sounds a lot like Thingiverse

Anyway, incorporating in Delaware or Nevada has benefits (as long as you don’t do business in Delaware or Nevada IIRC)

This is somewhat self-serving.

When you’re ready to take payments for your service, the company I work for, Braintree, helps startups and web companies accept credit cards.

Yeah Thingiverse has a similar platform but I plan to bring different features and facets that I believe will separate it from Thingiverse.

Also, yeah it pretty standard for startups to incorporate it Delaware. I’ve actually done about 2 years worth of research on successfully starting up. Nevada has similar business friendly laws but investors are still a little unfamiliar with Nevada corporations and would rather just stick to Delaware C corps.

Also, I will certainly keep Braintree in mind as the company scales.

Finally, I would like to say thanks for everyone support. Last Thursday we got third in the startgarden seed investment. Applying with just 12 hours less that’s pretty impressive and motivating. Unfortunately, the endorsement clock resets every week so we are at it again. , if you like it, share where you share, leave a comment, and bonus points for criticism.

Thank you.