Ok. I’ve look around and can’t seem to find a solution. When deploying, I get the following error, LabVIEW: Failed to load shared library at startuppatch.out on RT target device. Of course, when its rebooted, the team light blinks slow-fast and we get an inoperable robot. Any ideas?

That error shouldn’t actually cause any problem for running a LabVIEW program. It means the cRIO is configured to expect to find a file (startuppatch.out) in flash, but the file was missing. It’s not a critical file, you can program/compete without it.

However, it’s still very strange that you’re seeing this. Have you been removing files through FTP or manually editing the ni-rt.ini config file on your cRIO? Also, could you explain what steps you took when reimaging your cRIO? Have you gone back and forth between C++ and LV, or toggled between having the “Always run deployed code at startup” option on and off?

It would be very helpful if you could post your ni-rt.ini file to this forum (FTP to your cRIO, it is in the root directory).

Shoot. I was hoping it would solve my problems…

We have not been removing files through FTP or manually editing the ni-rt.ini config file on the cRIO. We might have inadvertently done so (we upgraded to the LabView3.0 and deployed some code) but I don’t think so.

Reimaging the cRio: The robot was fine in tank drive mode. After updating, the robot became “disabled” (Fast slow blink). Actually, it stays solid for about 10 seconds and then starts its Fast-Slow Blink. Fast-Slow Blink (200ms on / 900ms off) - System disabled either by system watchdog, user watchdog, or Driver’s Station set to disabled and low battery (<12 Volts)
Any how, I digress. We reimaged the cRio following 5.1.2, except we did notice that this time (vs the first time we reimaged) there was a “always run deployed code at start up” box that was not there the first time. We checked it and allowed it to reimage.

We do not toggle between C++ and Labview. We only use Labview

To deploy code, we have oscillated from “deploy” and "run as startup"

1883.txt (2.24 KB)

1883.txt (2.24 KB)