State grants for FIRST teams

I understand there are some states that provide grants/funding for FIRST teams in their state. If your state is one of these please post more details here. I would like to create a place for consolidated information to assist teams working with their state governments to provide examples of what other states are already doing. Please provide information like:

  • Links to statutes/laws passed
  • Links to applications
  • Are state level grants available to FLL?, FTC?, FRC?
  • Rookies only or veteran teams as well? (i.e. “starter grants” vs. “sustaining grants”)
  • Funding levels?
  • Requirements? Restrictions?

If this information is already consolidated and up to date somewhere else please just point to it.

Someone closer to FIRST in Texas might be able to answer this more completely, but as I understand it Texas teams receive state funding through at least these two avenues.

Texas has the Texas Workforce Commission, a state agency that receives state/federal funds to allocate for a variety of social services. They (along with other corporate partners) provide large grants to FIRST in Texas, non government organization, that uses the money to cover their own operational expenses as well as provide grants to FIRST teams.

Additionally, Texas public schools (primarily) compete against each other in the University Interscholastic League (UIL). Recently, UIL began including some robotics competitions as official UIL programs at its member schools, which allows district funding (local government) to be spent more readily for things like transportation/food for teams traveling to events.

No links to statutes passed.
Applications and more information on
Grants available to the FIRST family of programs, rookies and veterans
Info on levels/restrictions on their site

In Michigan,

  • Links to statutes/laws passed:
    Most recent funding included in FY17 School Aid Senate Bill #149. Bill analysis (by the House Fiscal Agency) found HERE. Searching “robotics” in either document works well for finding relevant sections.
  • Links to applications:
    Application done through the states “MEGS+” system (grant application site for all public schools in the state) for all levels, details can be found HERE.
  • Are state level grants available to FLL?, FTC?, FRC?:
    All Levels, including Jr.FLL.
  • Rookies only or veteran teams as well?
    (i.e. “starter grants” vs. “sustaining grants”): Rookie teams take priority, but veteran teams can apply as well and remaining funds are distributed between them.
  • Funding levels?:
    Varies by program level, rookie status, and available funds, details HERE. $1,500 Stipends are also available for a single coach per team at all levels and team ages (school employees only).
  • Requirements? Restrictions?:
    Limited to Public Schools only, teams are required to participate in BOTH of their district events or they forfeit their grant money. Separate (non-public) funding also available in most cases for non public-school teams.

EDIT: Interestingly, it looks like this upcoming years funding package (draft analysis found HERE, on page 58) may share the funds (no increase over last years funding) with participants in REC Foundation programs (IE Vex Robotics).

Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I’m looking for and trying to consolidate. If we are to do Dean’s homework and go push our state legislatures to support FIRST it will be helpful to know what other states have/are doing in comparison. I am particularly looking for links to legislative bills that can be used a models to go by.

Please keep the info coming! Isn’t there similar programs in New Hampshire?, Hawaii?, Washington?, others?

New Hampshire does have similar legislation (although I can’t find the bill and such).

It boils down to $6500 a season for two seasons, with $5k straight to FIRST and 1500 to the team for a teachers stipend.

Any team that wants it can apply, and the application is relatively simple.

This grant doesn’t just apply to FRC, but to every FIRST program.