State Power Alliances 2015

In the general them of this thread from 2014, but not limited to robots that attended championships, what would be the power alliance from your state/province/country in 2015? It may not be the best three robots in a state, but instead the three robots that compliment each other best, can put up the highest scores, or win the majority of finals matches.

In New York, I’d have to say 340-5254-1507 would be our best possible alliance.
340 makes 2 stacks from the feeder station, and can cap any stacks of 5 made by either 5254 or 1507 that are without containers for whatever reason, as well as grab 2 containers from the step faster than nearly any other robot in the state
5254 makes 3 stacks from the feeder station,
1507 hits their 3-tote auto, and makes a few stacks from the landfill. They can also grab a container off the step during teleop if necessary.

What’s your state’s power alliance?

There might be slightly different alliances for qualifying rounds vs. Eliminations rounds as well. For example, I might switch 340 for 263 during qualifying rounds, since can grabber speed is less necessary, and 1507 might be able to grab the additional necessary cans for the match, or 1507 for 329 if the tote stack auto was less important (or didn’t work with 5254’s ramp) than a really fast can grab in eliminations. Feel free to post both the eliminations version and the qualifications version of your state’s alliance.

For Michigan it could be 33, 107, 1918.

33 puts up 2-3 six stacks with RC, one of them will have litter, from the landfill

107 puts up 2-3 six stacks with RC and litter, from the chute door(Yes, chute door).

1918 has RC burglers, and can put up 2 six stacks with RC and litter, from the human player station.

Only thing I would change, cheesecake RC burglers on to 33 if the dont have them already.

for the PNW (its a state, don’t argue.):

OR just 1983 and 1318.

For Missouri:

1730: 2-3 6-stacks With RC from HP station
1986: 2-3 6 stacks with RC from Landfill
1987: Puts out a wall of stacks of 4-6 totes from HP station, but needs to be capped.

New Hampshire has a few interesting combos.

319: I’d put them on the power alliance first since they bring The most bag of tricks up their sleeves (hence why I call their robot The Leatherman). Primarily a landfiller this year they started playing around with a ramp recently for HP feeding making them adaptable to play either role depending on who the other two robots are.

1519: With 319 taking the HP slot/left overs from the landfill 1519 can run their can burglars and work on the landfill. With 1519’s 3 tote autonomous being one of the most consistent of the year they could run theirs instead of 319s but it takes a set of can arms off the step.

3467: HP stacker and runs can burglars in autonomous with 1519. Makes a few tall stacks in their corner HP slot and caps stacks as needed. Uses the tipped over RCs which are more of a hassle for MAYHEM and B.O.B.


1058 could easily replace 3467 if can arms weren’t a desire and crank out 1-2 full stacks from their corner.

**95 **can also replace 3467, grab 1 RC in auto, and then run with their GSD strategy of 1519 making stacks and 95 playing the capper.

In Michigan:

If reliability isn’t a concern:
2054: 28 point auton, 3x capped and noodled six stacks from the left feeder station
67: very fast canburglars, 3x capped and noodled stacks from the right feeder station, can pick up a downed RC
33: up to 3 capped six stacks, can reach containers on the step in teleop, and if 2054 takes care of auton, maybe grab a RC in auton. they would run out of cans on this alliance, so the score would be limited.

But, because reliability is a concern, and the above teams were inconsistent at times here is my actual selection:

1023: 20 point auton, 3x capped and noodles stacks from the left feeder station. Very consistent.
548: Fast canburglars, 3x capped and noodled five stacks, sometimes a fourth uncapped, mostly from the right feeder station. When the feeder station is empty goes to the landfill. Can upright RCs easily. On this alliance they would have to move to landfill only and get 1x capped and noodled five stack, and another 2 or 3 uncapped 5 stacks.
2137: decent canburglars, 2x capped and noodled 6 stacks from the right feeder station. I’m not sure if they ever demonstrated the ability to get a third capped and noodled six stack from the landfill, but I think they could. If not, 548 would use that RC.

I would do this:

1023: 20 pt auto, 3 capped 6 stacks, good noodle thrower

1918: 2 capped 6 stacks, fast can burgulars

548: 2 capped 5 stacks from land fill, fast can burgulars

1023 and 1918 will clear out the chute totes, 548 can landfill. 1918 and 548 are two of the faster can grabbers that are able to stack the cans after getting them.

302 points with 7 cans (no noodles thrown)
250 with 5 cans (no noodles thrown)

I’ll format in a bit.


118 would easily clear the landfill, and if they could tether a ramp to 148, make a 4th stack from the feeder station (though with this alliance, probably unnecessary). Their key role however, would be their can dom game in auto, demonstrated effectively at the championship.

148 would be the feeder station and auto extraordinaire. Capable of 3+ stacks consistently, they would be the rock holding the alliance average up, and the stacks would all be noodled as well.

3310 is what gives this alliance the edge over the other states/regions though. With their lightning fast can grab, it would be tough to beat these guys to the step. Cherry on top is that they’re pretty dang good at stacking from the station too.

One thing that allows this alliance to perform at their best is the fact that the primary stackers both prefer their cans fallen over, so no time is wasted trying to pick them back up.

Simply trying to figure max point counts in this game is slightly irrelevant because of how important those cans are, so that was one of the first things I looked for in this alliance.

I mean IMO (as a non-Michiganer), any MI alliance without 33 isn’t as good as it could be, because 33 is the only MI bot I know of capable of making three stacks from the landfill. It might seem crazy to leave 1023 out of the ideal MI alliance, but if you want two fast canburglars, the MI alliance might be 33-548-1918. Or 67. 67’s canburglars were wicked fast at worlds, beating 3339 to the cans every time they raced.

Michigan (as always) has a ton of really powerful potential alliances to choose from. (27 could easily end up in some really cool alliance, considering their fast canburglars as well).
33-27-67 would be a crazy alliance along those lines (one of our scouting notes about 67 in Carson was how fast they were at stacking compared to how long it took them to acquire cans).

I agree but if you are playing IRI or ChezyChamps rules 624 replaces 3310.

I would like to see 118-148-1296 as well just because the doable tether bots would fun to watch.

I agree 100% 33 is the best landfill team from Michigan. If they could beat 548 to two cans in auto, I would take them.

1918 was much faster at champs with the can burglars, they could have been higher pick at MSC with that speed.

I don’t see any power alliance leaving out 1023, they just dominated Michigan from week 1 to champs with their consistency and scoring. I would pick 107 for a replacement for the auto and stacking ability.

Virginia runs into a huge problem in that we have no real can burglars… But if that’s not a problem somehow then 2363 on the landfill and we can get cans off in tele-op (this isn’t optimal but we have no landfill bots that cap their own stacks), 384 and 623 on the human player stations.

107 also has a 20pt auton that went 12 for 12 at the world championships.

Totally forgot about 1023 fasepalm. I might replace 107 with 1023. Because 1023 also had a 20 point auton. They could really be interchangeable. Or if the thread was doing alliances like at worlds champs (four teams on an alliance) have all of them.

Also for a four team alliance I would add 4967(the team i’m on). Not just because I could, but because our team has a decent landfill bot(1-2 six stack with RC and litter plus any extra we can do) but also because our drive team has really good strategy’s that we can used in multiple different situations. We also have a four tote landfill auton, so while another team does there 20 point auton, we are still setting up for telop.

This isn’t any easier than the top 5 teams from your state…

		Regular			IRI/CC Rule Changes
NorCal		254, 1678, 971		254, 1678, 1671
SoCal		3476, 973, 1717/3309	3476, 973, 1717/3309
All		254, 1678, 973		254, 1678, 1671/3476


  1. I’m assuming 254 could do LF only if they wanted (as far as I know, they never have, but I’m also pretty sure 1678/971/1671/3476 do HP only).
  2. I still cannot figure out if 973 counts as northern or southern CA–they’re basically right between San Jose and LA.
  3. For 3476+973+1717/3309, I’m assuming 973 does HP, but for 254+1678+973 I’m assuming they do LF.
  4. To create the alliances, I prioritized getting one LF bot / two HP, two 2C autos, and then stacking ability. For IRI/CC changes, I changed it to one 2C auto and put stacking ability higher.
  5. This was the data I used to decide on the alliances. I’m not sure how accurate it is for the teams I haven’t seen in person (especially those in southern CA).

Team	Stacks	Number	Height	Auto	Notes

254	LF + HP	1 + 2-3	6T+C+N	3T	Both LF+HP (total stacks 3-4)
1678	HP	3	5T+C+N	3T/2C
1671	HP	3	6T+C+N	
971	HP	2-3	6T+C+N	2C
2085	HP	2	6T+C	
701	HP	2	6T+C

3476	HP	3	6T+C+N	
973	LF/HP	2-3	6T+C/+N	2C	Either LF or HP, 6T+C for LF, 6T+C+N for HP
1717	LF	2-3	6T+C	3T
3309	LF	2-3	6T+C	3T
330	HP	2-3	6T+C

Here are my thoughts for CT:

195 CyberKnights
As the king of stacking for New England, its impossible to leave the CyberKnights out of this alliance. 3 six stacks, all capped and noodled.
Furthermore, they undoubtedly have the fastest canburglar in CT.

2067 Apple Pi
I’ll try not to be biased toward my own team :stuck_out_tongue:
In the landfill, 2067 can do two capped six stacks. It’s not 100%, but I think its good enough to be the choice for the landfiller.
Additionally, 2067 can grab cans in auto. Its fairly quick, though not nearly as fast as 195.

Third robot is trickier; there are multiple contenders. I’ll give three candidates:

2836 Team Beta
Consistent two six stacks from the human player. Their consistency in what they do has paid off, helping them to earn the #1 seed in Galileo and #1 at CT champs.

2170 Titanium Tomahawks
Another human player robot capable of two six stacks. The Titanium Tomahawks have really had a good season with this nicely performing machine. Since they do the same thing as Beta, I guess it comes down to which one performs more consistently.

228 GUS
GUS started off with a rough season, but has gotten really good recently. They are capable of at least two six stacks, though they sometimes drop them, probably more frequently than 2836/2170. However, in a good match, they can really shine. In 2836/3647’s battlecry match with their 10 stacks, you can see 228 quietly working on the other side of the field. That match, they put up three capped six stacks. I havent seen enough matches to know how often 228 can do two, or how often they can do three, but I’d say they’re definitely a contender for this power alliance.

As great as 1987 is, I’m not sure they fit on that alliance. There’s nobody to cap them, and only 12 totes left in the HP station for their wall of stacks after 1730 makes 3 six stacks. Having the R-7 Alliance on an alliance would be awesome, though.](!alliance/c5v5)
My opinion for Missouri:

1730: 3 six stacks with noodles from human station, 20 point auto
1986**: 2 six stacks from landfill, steal 2 cans in auto

4522: 2 four stacks from human station, steal 2 cans in auto

IRI / CC rule change: Switch 1806 or 1658 for 4522. They could make 3 noodled six stacks from the HP station without competing with 1730 for cans and totes.

Not that I’m from Missouri (Does being from Kansas count? :rolleyes:), nor do I have something against 1987’s amazing robot, but I would say that 1658 fits better with 1730 and 1986, since 1658 is almost identical to 1730. Both of them can take the HP stations while 1986 clears out the Landfill and grab some cans during Auto.

I’ll take a shot at IN.

234 - 2 capped 6-stacks from HP station

1024 - see strategy below

1720/1741/71- all would be good for the strategy below, although 71 and 1741 stack slightly faster


234 does their thing and makes their HP stacks, 1024 makes capped and noodled stacks of 2. During this, the alliance landfill bot makes stacks of 4 for 1024 to make 6-stacks out of (1024 already does stack 4 and place 2 and a container on top)

I didn’t watch much of 67 in St. Louis. If they were able to get reliability up then I would do 1023-548-67.

I might also consider 503 in the third position depending on the landscape of the event. They are the fastest canburglars in MI as far as I know, and if a choke hold strategy is viable then I would pick 1023-548-503.