State Rankings...Lets do it ourselves.

How does the tracking of approximate FiM stats in a CD thread (for fun) affect anyone else’s job?

A better question is: How will it affect FiM if the volunteer decides to quit doing it?

If FiM’s volunteer decided to quit doing a job that needs to be done to determine the fate of FRC teams around the state just because some guys on Chief Delphi wanted to see how well they were doing relative to other teams, I’d question the decision to have that volunteer doing anything that has any impact on anyone.

I love the FiM system and appreciate the fact that it runs on volunteer power. However, for planning/logistics purposes, anything that lets teams know where they stand r.e. qualifying for State or the Championship is helpful.

Its also fun to speculate & helpful to know who you can expect to see at State.

I believe that the cutoff for State last year was around 40 points. I expect that this year will be about the same.

Unfortunately, the info on the FIRST site doesn’t go deep enough for us to generate statewide points/standings.

This maybe a tad bit more helpful:

Congrats to Team 2619 … Ranked #1 at the end of week 2.


Check out this out, team 51 is in 51st place lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I would expect that the cutoff would be a little higher this year, because there are more teams with auto-bids to the championship, so less teams can go just on points alone.

Wow…my team is in 31st place. Only 40 points though. lol

I’m so glad we won Rookie All-Star at Kettering. Whew! lol

i have a feeling the cutoff point will be 56. anyone else have a prediction?


True. But most the byes would have qualified on points anyway. So, the cutoff will be only slightly higher, if any at all.

Don’t let your rank bother you as far as getting a chance to go to states. Last year they went pretty far down the list to fill it up. Some teams just won’t have the money,have decided to spend it on atlanta or may choose to honor the holiday.




Everything is always 42. :smiley:

The cutoff will be around 48 like Clint said, to make sure you are in good posistion to go, but there will teams that get in that have around 44-42 points after people decline their spots for the event.

Everything is always 42.

this is off the thread topic but since this thread is done anyway because FIM got us some numbers;

Yes, the answer to everything is 42 :smiley: …but 42 is also a domino game played in TX by everyone I knew, grandparents on down. But just as no one up here in MI has seemed to ever have heard of it, we had never heard of Euchre! (robot in bag for tomorrow at Wayne state and big glass of wine makes me go off topic!):smiley:

Euchre is reallyyyyy awesome, this makes me want to know how to play 42. Because if 42 is even close to as fun as euchre i may just learn how to play :slight_smile: And by the way, good luck at Wayne State!

The initial cutoff will be 42. After clearing the declines, you will see a team at State with 38.

Through Week 2:
*23 teams have been auto-advanced to States, leaving 41 slots on points
*25 points is the current bubble number
*8 teams have played in neither week
*If you take every team who have played both their ranked weeks and divide their scores by two then re-sort (creating a standardized ranking as though each team had played once) 23 points is the bubble number.

Based on that data I’d bet the magic number is 46 this year but teams might get in as low as 40 due to declines.

Miss being with you guys back there in MI though!