state ranks after state champs

Is it possible to win the state champs and not be ranked number one after the event? After the championship they recompute the state ranks and the top teams get a shot at the 9 open spots for Atlanta. Will the number one team in the state,after they recompute standings, recieve any official recognition? If nothing is planned,may i suggest that they at least get their choice of districts next year.

Because the state championship counts 4 times as much as a single district, it’s likely that one of the champions would be the highest ranked team, but not guaranteed.

Phrased another way, there even if one state champion has the highest ranking, there will be 2 state champions that do not.

Look at this scenario:

67 continues it’s undefeated streak at the state championship, going undefeated in the qualification rounds, getting #1 seed, and winning in the eliminations until they get upset in the finals by the #7 seed.

They would get 14 points for qualification wins, 16 points for #1 alliance captain, and 20 points for finalist. That’s 50 * 4 plus the 146 they already have.

Now, lets say all the members of the winning alliance (the #7 alliance) just barely qualified with 40 points. The alliance captain probably gets 10 points for qualification wins, 10 points for for #7 alliance captain, and 30 points for the win. That’s also 50 points. They end up around 100 points behind 67 in the final state standings.

This is probably the worse case scenario.

Now lets say that 67 did the same as above but instead that 245 is the #2 alliance captain and beats 67 in the finals. They would get at least 12 points for qualification wins, 15 points for #2 alliance captain, and 30 points for the win. That’s 57 points * 4 + 127 they already have, and they end up 9 points ahead of 67 in the final rankings.