Static Electricity on Ford Field; Detroit Champs

As i’m sure most of everyone has heard, the static electricity on Ford Field for the Einstein Finals was god awful. It was so bad that they were asking us to ground ourselves to the field boarder before touching the robots. Although I think FIRST nailed the Detroit Champs for it being the first time, this is something that I believe that they need to take into consideration for next year. All of us Michigan teams thought MSC was bad, this was 20 times worse.

Ha! And I thought it was only affecting the spectators! The friction between jeans and plastic seats in the stadium generated A LOT of static electricity! I dreaded sitting down, after every standing ovation :slight_smile:

We quickly discovered that shuffling your back against the seat, then poking a sleeping individual could cause a hilarious and rude awakening.

Maybe this is just prep for… next year…?

Hands-down the worst static problem since Ryerson 2017. 0/10 did not like smacking things to ground myself