“Statikk” - CAD and Code Release - 2019 Bot Camp Teaching Exemplar

Greetings CD Community,

With VEX Worlds quickly approaching, Bot Camp is proud to present our 2019 VEX IQ teaching exemplar robot “Statikk”. As part of our educational programs, our staff produce an exemplar robot that we use to teach our students with. This is NOT a competition robot. It is never given to our students to compete with. It’s not even legal. BUT, we use it extensively to teach students important robot design concepts, so they can build their own competition robots.

We won’t claim “Statikk” is the best robot in the VEX IQ world, but it has served as a great example of design, programming, simplicity and our team principles. It’s also still a pretty good robot, that uses a modest number of parts, employing a simple design that beginners at home can recreate.

We are making the design (SnapCAD) and programming (RobotC) files for the robot freely downloadable below. We hope you can learn as much from our exemplar as our students did!

Download the CAD and code at:


This robot is SLICK.

This is cool, thanks for sharing Shawn

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