Status Bar shows download complete, but no robot code found by driver station

My team is having a problem…

The code builds fine and then we use the correct “.out” file…once we start the transfer the status bar pops up saying it is downloading fine and then shows as completed, but when we bring up the driver station it says it is connected but there is no robot code.

Just covering all the possible options… you rebooted the robot after you uploaded the code, right?

This usually happens if your code is throwing an exception in a constructor or the DisabledInit routine (exceptions elsewhere would show “No Robot Code” after running the offending code)

Or more likely:

You are calling a function that is not defined. If you include a function declaration (like you normally put in a header file) but fail to define it (typically what is in a cpp file), you will not get a compile error or warning, simply “No Robot Code” (the compiler assumes that this function exists in an external DLL, when it gets to the robot, if that dll isn’t there, it will not execute)

Yes we rebooted the robot before we tried to use.

We are simplytrying to use the sample code that you find as a part of the instructions on the website. Would there be some undefined variables in that code that we should look for?

Thanks for the quick replies

The communication light is green, the robot code is red, and the joysticks is green, the bridge and robot is green

The error code that shows up in the box to the right in the driver station says the following : warning code is Warning <code> 44002 occurred at PIng results: link-bad, DS radio(.4)-bad, robor radio(.1) - good, cRIO (.2)- good, FMS-bad driver station.

Not sure what that means

Do you mean that you created your project using the FRC Simple Robot Template as described in the Creating a robot project section? If not, how did you create it?

That 44002 warning is just telling you what devices are reachable on the network. What you posted is the normal message most teams will see when connecting wirelessly to the robot’s D-Link access point.

Yes, we did use the template in the instruction provided on the link found on the first robotics website.

We followed the instructions for how to dowload that .out file to the cRio but we cant seem to get anything to happen and the error shows there is no robot code.

This the first time for the team so there seems to be something that we are missing

Just to verify, you have flashed the robot with the FRC Imaging tool for C++ mode, and used the proper image file for the 2014 WPI Lib?

Is drivers station’s Connected/Communication light green?

Have you verified your network configuration is as simple as it can be? If you are wired, disable your wifi connection, make sure your IP is 10...>5, and your subnet is, and check the advanced settings for your TCP/IP and make sure there are no alternate configurations.

There’s lots of links on the FIRST website. Please provide the exact link you used. Please post the exact code you are using.

If the code is crashing, like DjScribbles suggests, you would see no robot code. You can use netconsole to see any messages from the code when it crashes.

I will try to use the net console and see what happens.

The code that was used was based on

Definitely check the NetConsole. It will tell you what is going wrong for sure. Either there is not robot code on the bot, or the code crashes upon loading. I’ve only ever had issues with the latter.
I’ve had issues with an ‘undefined symbol’… In which case, there is something weird going on… to which I still do not understand.

You might see a failure to allocate something- if so, check that you are calling the right constructor for your components and that you have the right cRIO modules plugged into the right ports.

I tried using the netconsole and got nothing…it acts like there is no Crio…I know there is a conenction since i can reboot from teh driver station. I tried the troubleshooting on the netconsole and did nto get anywhere.

Is anyone willing to have a 20-30 minute phone conversation where i can show the code and others items over a “webex”



Did you enable NetConsole support when you imaged the cRIO?

Are you using wireless? I’ve run into a lot of errors using wireless that have to eventually get ironed out, but if you’re just trying to get code definitely use a tether for starters, and make sure that:

  1. it is the .out in the non-partial image folder, just making sure.
  2. the cRIO is imaged properly
  3. Your computer has the proper IP address
  4. You built/compiled the code before deploying
  5. You rebooted the cRIO after deploying code
  6. The kernel processor architecture is correct

The last one is the most probable error, giving what you’ve stated. That threw an error for our team for a pretty long time. Most of these should have thrown other errors, or you’ve said you’ve done them, but it’s a good checklist anyways.