Status Of Crio Java Development ?

Our teacher is asking if its still possible to develop code for our non-current CRio based robots as a introduction training exercise using last years environment. We have a significant investment in probably 5 complete Crio systems just sitting there.

Is there any expiry dates on NI software or wpilib etc ? Netbeans and Java are good to go.

I believe I heard at the 2014 Champs that there was an intention to try to make the Crio based systems useable on the long term (obviously not in the events and probably orphaned in terms of matching new functionality in the RoboRio). Anyone know anything about that ?

WPILib does not expire. The 2014 LabVIEW license is not supposed to expire, but that only applies to a specific vision component if you’re using Java or C++, not the Driver Station.