Status of FIRSTwiki

While looking through past CD threads, I found several iterations of a project called FIRSTwiki, which was designed to create a Wikipedia-style resource devoted to FRC information. However, what appears to be the most recent interation was last edited sometime around the release of FIRST Steamworks in 2017. While Wikipedia has pages for each game from Maize Craze to Destination: Deep Space, I was wondering if FIRSTwiki is still under development in some form, and if so whether I could contribute.

FIRSTwiki, from my understanding, has been up and down over the years. I can’t even recall who the last “owner” was. Try searching CD–someone did kind of take over the project a couple years before that last edit. One key issue is/was a spam influx which eventually got cleaned out around the same time as I recall.