Stay Safe Israeli Teams

I don’t know how much news coverage this is getting outside of Israel, especially with today being Thanksgiving in the US, but over the past days, Israel has suffered a number of large arsons, especially in the North around Haifa. This culminated with many schools and neighborhoods being evacuated today and many buildings destroyed. To my knowledge no one was killed, but over 100 people have been hospitalized. Please keep the Israeli teams in your prayers this Thanksgiving. And to all the Israeli teams: please stay safe and know the best wishes of the CD community are with you!

[RIGHT]לקבוצות ישראליות על ההצתות של היום והימים הקודמים, תהיה בטוח ודעו שהתפילות של הקהילה הן איתך[/RIGHT]

Virtually no news coverage. The media here is too busy talking about Trump and Turkey…

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We have a page dedicated to the Haifa fires in our local newspaper.
It says more than 60,000 people have been evacuated with fire fighters and equipment like firefighting planes arriving from many nations to help.

Hope everyone gets through this.

Please let us know if any teams are/become affected and if there’s a way that we can help.

Stay safe my friends in Israel.

I lived in Jerusalem for two years, so I keep up with what’s going on in Israel on my own. There’s hardly been any coverage about it over in the US.

That’s sad to hear it’s mostly in Haifa. I visited that area multiple times and found it to be one of the most beautiful places in Israel. I am praying for you all, and hope everyone stays safe.

Update for everyone. The fires in Haifa are all but put out. There is a lot of damage here, but no casualties. Now the fires are strengthening in the forest-y areas around Jerusalem (where more FRC teams are located), where there has already been one casualty and a few major injuries. More than 10 countries have sent firefighting planes, and Israel is paying a US company to use their firefighting 747 SuperTanker. Stay safe everyone and keep the Israeli teams in your prayers.

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i can say for the 1690orbit team that the closest fire to us was at least a 1/4 mile away and we are fine! :slight_smile: but i know that most of the trouble was around haifa, stay safe! ::safety::

That’s true, but I am still concerned about the safety of the Turkish teams, concerning multiple recent events, in addition to the Israeli teams. I guess I’m worried for everyone’s safety, more or less. My team’s had the privilege of meeting a few teams from Istanbul during one of our local competitions. They were all really nice and friendly people, which goes without saying, since they’re FIRSTies. :slight_smile: