Staying socially connected while distanced

We should all be 100% supportive of social distancing given the risk of the virus exponentially spreading at a rate faster than our health care system can handle. So much information has been shared on this already; here’s one of the more interesting things I read this morning:

We’re going to be doing this isolation thing a while longer. My guess is everyone is texting (or using text-based comm services) as much as ever. I’d like to encourage you to also have voice and video calls with your teammates, friends, and remote loved ones during this time. Even better: Organize a video conference using Zoom or Skype or Google Hangouts or whatever with a group of friends/teammates. Hearing and seeing each other’s voices and faces is valuable.

Resourceful folks could even organize some FRC interactions during this period, like some teams’ lead designers doing deeper interactive robot design reviews than we normally have time for, or interactive presentations/discussions of existing workshop content. Others may have different ideas. People interacting is a big thing we’re missing from the suspended competitions, canceled team meetings, etc.

The overall point is… There are opportunities to sustain and even strengthen connections while we endure this period of physical isolation. Let’s find them. Be safe all!

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Or wait for schools to get back operating and new event dates if given. Otherwise, there are other things to do now . Good time to do those.

I slept as long as I wanted.
I went to DMV < 20 min wait
Helped son file taxes to get a refund
Did needed Yardwork , small party next Saturday
Reconnected with Family, making sure they are OK

All since Friday, use this downtime to your advantage. There is Robot season and the rest. This time is the rest.

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