STC Ultimate Goal xRC Simulator Tournament - Live Saturday Noon-6pm Eastern

Saturday is the very first Ultimate Goal xRC Simulator tournament, hosted by SECOND Tech Challenge! It should be an incredible event to watch and to take part in, and it is our first real look at Ultimate Goal gameplay for this year’s FTC season!

There will be two separate divisions in the event: the Franklin Division and the Edison Division. The Franklin Division will be streamed on TheOrangeAlliance1 and the Edison Division will be streamed on TheOrangeAlliance2.

The Spotlight Stream will be hosted on FirstUpdatesNow at, featuring the highlights of both divisions so you can watch both and not miss a thing! The opening ceremonies will be streamed on the FUN channel, with live programming starting tomorrow at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific). I recommend you tune into the spotlight stream, it will be the best stream for spectators to catch all the action!

Each division will have its own qualification matches, alliance selection, and elimination playoffs. The victors of each division will then advance to face off against one another in the Einstein Finals, taking placing on the spotlight stream.

If you are competing:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of xRC Sim installed! You’ll need v5.6 to play!
  • Show up early tomorrow so you can check-in and play!
  • Make sure you fully understand the rules!
  • Make sure you join the xRC Sim Discord server!

See you all tomorrow!


Playoffs are starting at

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