stdio.h complilation error

When I compile the 2005 default code I get an error stating- something to the effect -like the linker cannot find the header stdio.h, so I took stdio.h from another machine [with same OS] and placed it in the directory for the project… and still no luck.

What’s puzzling is: [in the preprocessing statments] I don’t even see stdio.h declared anywhere.

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Do you have the latest compiler installed which was provided by FIRST? You can find it on the FIRST homepage if you don’t have it.

we had the same problem here, and the solution is quite simple:

go to and get the mc18 2.4 SE… 'cause the mc18 2.2 on the cd have some problems, including the missing of stdio.h

Are you speaking about the default code? 2.4 versus 2.2 -because I’m compiling 2.4.
Otherwise, I assume your saying that the MPLAB -cBot CDROM [that came with the kit] is missing some headers and that I should download another version on the link to site you provided. If this is so --can you tell me more specificly what to download [post the exact link] or specify- once I’m at the microchip page exactly which link to go into to begin downloading…


please post your entire set of error messages.