Steal this Film 2.

Steal this Film 2 is out now after what felt like decades of waiting…

You can read the article about it by clicking on this sentence.
More information as well as how to download the film (this film is legal to download) is located on the site.

Enjoy! I know I’ve been waiting for this film forever!

This is the “FBI Warning” that appears in most American films…

After watching Steal This Film 2, I think that almost anyone who knows something or another about the internet, anyone who has ever downloaded anything (free/paid/legally/illegally/etc.) will find it interesting. This movie is not about “file sharing is good” or “file sharing is bad” or “you should file share” but rather the roots of communication and the roots of how property and intellectual property collide. I can tell you the story or you can watch it. Its actually very interesting whether you don’t know much about intellectual property or if you have been following the RIAA/MPAA lawsuits on the common folk. Without sharing, society would cease to exist. Everyone will enjoy!