Stealing a gear from oponnent's peg - VIDEO Steampunk 1577

A nice video of our robot stealling a gear from opponent’s peg at Carver Division, Houston Champs.

Our drivers saw the opportunity, and literally ‘grab it’.
If you notice carefully, when the pilot saw it, he tried to pull up the lift but it was too late.

Anyone have done it before? (I heard that 148 did it today at St. Louis Champs).

Sorry to burst your bubble but It’s happened a bunch of times. Too many to count.

Perhaps, but this is the first video I’ve seen of it so far.

Of course, if there are any more videos out there, send them my way :wink:

I really liked that match! :smiley: Had no idea you stole a gear off the opposing alliance’s peg though. Thanks for the video!

I can beat that, unfortunately you can’t see it but the pilot on the opposing alliance was really not paying attention. Robot drives up puts a gear on the peg… goes and gets another one… puts that on the peg. Our driver sees two nice juicy gears sitting there and turns the robot into a whirling dervish and suddenly 2 gears go flying. Drive coach was so mad. The ref just shrugged and smiled. :slight_smile:

Video or it doesn’t count :smiley:

Got to see this one in person. Another great robot from you guys. Israel really made a splash in Carver this year.

It was great to play with you guys! Hope to see you again next year.

We really enjoyed that match a lot, it was so exciting.

This isn’t stealing from the peg, but here’s one where we stole from another robot. Happens at 0:39 if you want to skip ahead.

I know Team 2169, King Tec, did it multiple times on Curie but there aren’t match videos for them :frowning:

I remember this match, do you know which one it was? My entire team was dying when we saw the robot place the second gear and then you guys knocked it off. I was surprised you guys didn’t get dinged for manipulating 2 gears though.

It was Perry Meridian Match 48.

We got away with it because one thing that drive train does well is spin so we knocked one off then the other. Never actually had control over any of them. Though technically we could have gotten dinged for launching gears.

If you watch carefully to the left of the screen you can see the announcer going “There seems to be a lot of movement…” then you see a gear go flying.